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prorace clk

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at our club we had a guy with a ninco prorace clk straight out the box wheelhopped bad enough to fling out of the slot. pretty much everyone there tried to sort it, tryed everything but it still bounced. the guy took it back got another one and it did the same again. so what im asking is are all prorace clks like this, or was it just a bad batch?
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so basicly you get one and swap the axel, the only benifit is a better motor, and they r unreliable, 2 blew up in one night... all our club race is ninco everything... theyre obsessed, but the application of slot it hubs on the rear will sort it, ninco need to sort thir cars out. or we need someone who can do a wider choice of models slot it dont have enough classes, only a few gts

seingas the rtr sidewinder slot it chassis is out for £25 ill robbably shove it under a gt body of some sort

OR! fix that ninco m3 with it
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1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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