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prorace clk

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at our club we had a guy with a ninco prorace clk straight out the box wheelhopped bad enough to fling out of the slot. pretty much everyone there tried to sort it, tryed everything but it still bounced. the guy took it back got another one and it did the same again. so what im asking is are all prorace clks like this, or was it just a bad batch?
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The car that flipped was the clr, a special gtp version of the gt1 clk

We had a couple of guys running them a t the club and they seemed really good. Pick of the bunch I guess........
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Truing and gluing usually sorts a ninco, goose. No need for extra parts.
Bouncing up and down as the car runs. In this case, so badly that it falls out of the slot.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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