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Having removed a proslot ferrari 360 from it's box, I was eager to give it a quick run. So I put the little begger on my test track, fired up the power and.....nothing, lots of noise but no movement. Turned out the pinion was split and the crown gear was buckled....hmmm perhaps a chance for a fiddle about and my first attempt at re-decorating a slot car:

So this is a (terrible) picture of before:

The shopping list went as follows: pinion and crown (sidewinder) front and rear axels
Ferrari decals
Some nice metallic blue paint (I've always been partial to metallic blue ferrari's)
Re-paint/enhance/brighten up the interior

......and replace "Proslot Pete" with a driver that doesn't look like he came from the nodding dog factory.

Anywho, I was after a kind of "track day" car feel (so half way between race car and road car).

This is the result and I'm marginally pleased with it. The clear coat isn't as shiny as I would like (any recommendations for what to use in future??) and I wish I had some ickle black horse decals for the centre of the wheels. Other than that any comments/feedback and pointers gratefully received. Colour is actually a bit brighter than in the pictures.


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Very Nice....and now you've done one you won't stop!.

As for a clear coat, there are several methods.

The easiest, and in my opinion the best, is to nip down to Sainsbury's or your local Supermarket and buy a bottle of "Klear" liquid floor polish. Apply it to the car in fairly thick coats and try to brush out any air bubbles you might get. The liquid tends to be self-levelling, two or three coats should be adequate to protect decals and to give the car a nice shine. The better the paint finish on the car the better the results.
Klear does "go off" if exposed to air for long periods so make sure you keep the top on, keep a fairly wide brush just for applications of the liquid, don't use it for anything else.

The other option is to use a spray laquer from your local model shop, Humbrol make a decent one. If you have decals, spray a very light mist coat over the car to seal the decals. Some react in very strange ways if you are not careful and there is nothing worse than seeing a lot of work shrivel up before you're eyes...been there, done that.
When dry spray on one or two more coats.

The important thing with both methods is to make sure the car is clean, no dust specs etc, and no grease marks from handling, and as always the better the paintwork, the better finish you will get.

Here's a picture of one I finished yesterday, not a good picture I'm afraid, but it shows the "shine" level you can get with Klear.

Best of luck



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I am a Klear convert, although I didn't explore the world of conventional lacquers too deeply, i managed to have bad reactions with paint and decals. Klear has been problem free, looking gorgeous, and very simple to apply and dry for a person with limited painting skills (me)

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Muffin man, I had a similar idea with a black Proslot 360 (I like your metallic blue car)

After some ferrari challenge decals, another driver (yep, I agreed 'Pristol Pete' had a one-way ticket with the parts bin) and heh presto...

Oh, Beejay nice vette!
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