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Proslot gears

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I got the answer.

Ok, uneconomical repair? can get the parts? dont know what to get?

Here's the answer!

first off, Get on the phone to the nearest slot it distributor, usually Sean for me! (Free plug Sean, do i get anything?)
you will need
1 wrench (allen key)
1 9 tooth inline pinion
1 36 (red) sidewinder crown gear for scalex (19mm I think)

then you simply fit them in the usual manner.
If you find the slot it gear will not fit on the rear axle, a peice of sand paper and a dremel will soon get the axle ground down to the correct diameter while still being true and round.
Just dont press the axle onto the sand paper too hard.

Fit the pinion onto the motor, check alignment, then insert axle through bushings and slip the gear on tighten the grub screw with the wrench and glue the wheel back on or get slot it's wheels I recommend Sipa10 which are 20mm in diameter (yes i like big wheels).

and now? the pics of course!

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lighting? 100W ceiling light blub and camera flash! snow joke!

There is actually a reason.. it's not my car! :lol
Someone gave it to me to fix so it wont break again, but wanted to spend the least amount possible, so I got pinion and crown gear only, I would have put slotit wheels and axles on too but budget couldnt cover that! shame!

That mess is a nice mixture of dirt rubber grease and old faithful super glue
nope I didnt do it.

Although, I am a VERY messy worker! I will take a pic of my desk later on and well let you nurse your chin back to health when it hits the desk/floor! :lol

edit :- pics

yes that is a max power poster and the RC car? supposedly has a turbo on it.. still fathoming that one out!

p.s like spidy?
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your right cap!

I know exactly where everything is.. except when I want it! I know where it is I left it here.. then moved it again! oops! no it's not in the... oh yea I remember now.

yes that is a project.. watch and wait!

they make great avalanche barriers.. :lol

I know slot it make gears for proslot, but when you crash the proslot it breaks into a thousand different peices and so the proslot gear will now be redundant a normal scalex crown will fit a variety of cars

See not as clear but simple and cost effective!

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It's worse now!!!

Oh, forgot to say, we should start putting in easyness guides like haynes do!

haynes manual for a slot car!!!

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