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Proslot gears

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I got the answer.

Ok, uneconomical repair? can get the parts? dont know what to get?

Here's the answer!

first off, Get on the phone to the nearest slot it distributor, usually Sean for me! (Free plug Sean, do i get anything?)
you will need
1 wrench (allen key)
1 9 tooth inline pinion
1 36 (red) sidewinder crown gear for scalex (19mm I think)

then you simply fit them in the usual manner.
If you find the slot it gear will not fit on the rear axle, a peice of sand paper and a dremel will soon get the axle ground down to the correct diameter while still being true and round.
Just dont press the axle onto the sand paper too hard.

Fit the pinion onto the motor, check alignment, then insert axle through bushings and slip the gear on tighten the grub screw with the wrench and glue the wheel back on or get slot it's wheels I recommend Sipa10 which are 20mm in diameter (yes i like big wheels).

and now? the pics of course!

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Nice one Inte'

Those are nice close up pics too. What are you using for lighting?

Then, I also assume, for those not wishing to change the whole axle as well, the brass pinion gear will do on its own? It seems a bit contradictory to use all those lovely Slot.It parts and then jam the original wheels back on

PS: Man you are a messy worker!

Never heard of Cotton buds as part of your camera kit?
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Is that a 'project' sitting on the left of the desk?
The white Chrysler ?

Looks exactly like a Diecast version I got as a present drom Dickie when i bought some stuff from him once..

Make nice trackside accessories.

and what are the old Scaley controllers for - Out of work book ends or redundant paper weights ?
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There is nothing wrong with the crown gear at all, it is the pinion that causes problems.
The one Proslot consistently use is a cheap plastic one with the inner dimensions for the hole being slightly too small for the shaft. The upshot of this is that 8 from 10 pinion gears are cracked direct from the factory and slip when you run them.

I think Intergali was simply trying to point out an 'all in one' fix using quality parts and simply missed the fact Slot.It do Proslto specific gears - as did I by the way.
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1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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