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Nobby Berkshire
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I thought the whole point of high performance Proslot motors was that they have good tolerances and come tuned and fit to race evenly.

50000rpm on an 80 foot track? Maybe you need a straight section that long to even get close to 50000rpm for any sustained length of time? Or maybe it simply has awful torque so it will never get to its speed potential unless your straight section was as long as the M1?

What controllers are you using, because if this soaks up 10amps you'd need very low ohm resistance to get anything like performance from such a high rpm motor, wouldn't you?

Or maybe your style of running in has damaged the motor in some way (very likely if you've run it in under water or in another metal-corrosive material) simply because you are expecting all motors to react to a sustance in the same manner as you are used to. How did it run before you ran it in? I assume you timed it with your car on the track before you decided it needed running in?

Or maybe you got sold a duffer so you need to take it back to your retailer and hope they'll exchange it after you ran it in?
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