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Hi Boys,

a lot of work todo on my bugatti, but some specials must be made slowly, so i started a new project. The Lancia D24 by Proto.

On the first view a good buy, on the second a lot of things to change to become a "scale" Lancia.

I´ve started with the sideline where the air incomings are. There is no sharp edge like the Proto model at the front incoming. So i sanded it a bit rounder. The second change is the line betwin the second air incoming and the door. That is no straigth line. It´s going down directly after and than following the left fender.
all original photos and ultimatecarpage,com

The Proto ( photo

Here is the original

and my changed one

The second thing i´ve changed is the front. At the Proto the wings are on the downside of the grill. That is incorrect.

Here the original

and here ´s my changed one.

Third changing
The air incomings on the left side. At the modell they are placed in the doorside. That is wrong, - the right position is in the fender.

and my chang, -. rightside you can see the closed openings. Some more sanding to get concrete edges.

On the back they´ve forgotten a huge opening


At least i´ve drilled of the exhaust. they have wrong positions, they are not fixed on the sides they are fixed under the body.

to be continued

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Hi Gtaham,

thx for the link, it´s realy useable. claus, also member at SF send me a link to your block with the Lancia build of a canadian guy. Wow that looks so real, but i´m not sure to saw it in two peaces. Too early for me, - may be at one of my next builds.

Today not so much done.
A member of a german forum gave me the tip to cut the nose and gave it an stronger angle for the grill, so it could get a more softer line of the front and i made it. And the look is much more real.

have a look and this one and the photo in my first post.

and a side view. here you can see the changed angle of the grill

the next things finished are the air incomings. The sheet is made of a remaining piece of a photo etched card.

And here you can see why Proto only makes electriccars, - they dont need a tank connecting piece.
so i made one

Next thing to finish is the front air incomming. made it longer with some remaining photo etched metal, so iz ends over the lamp.
Photo follows

· Frank
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Something done on my Lancia,

the grill and the ring in front is nearly finished only some more putty and sanding. The openings left and right of the grill are also on their real position. The air incoming over the lamp got a little sheet of metal, so its 1,5mm longer and is more at the original then the Proto.
And i took the saw and cut out nearly 7mm, but photos of that first when sanded.

Here´s my work

Some cuts on the left topside of the ring must be make, cause it´s a little bit to thickly

· Frank
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Thanks for your comments boys,

maybe an other masterpiece, but i´ve cut it in front and backpiece and made it 7mm shorter. Hope the finsih will become ok.

that´s a version i´ver never seen befor. Totally different front to all the other lancia´s in the web.


your right, 5mm bigger gave him a better look. But i don´t want to built a radiator imtake ( hmm something learned). That will need too much work

But i´m on a good way to make it much more real

coides i took your photo, is that ok for you?

and here is my 7mm shortend Proto"type"

a lot of putty and even more sanding to do

· Frank
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Hi boys,

for a short time nothing done. But here´s a little update on my project.

last weekend i took time to paint the driver, he also got his first weathering and some little other thing done at the body.

So here are some pics of the driver

and here´s the new designed front - looks much better than the proto once

the body also will get a light oil-dirt weathing. i hate clean race cars - thats unreal

· *** Leo A Capaldi ***
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Hello Frank,
This is looking wonderful. It puts my Resilient Resins versions to shame...
One suggestion though, Ascari's helmet was always pale blue. On the day of his death he was not wearing his "lucky" blue helmet.

Kind regards, Leo

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Great craftsmanship, Frank, and great attention to accuracy.
The main reason that the Lancias at Dundrod in 1954 appeared a little different was that the lubrication system had been changed, resulting in removal of the vents on the right front wing or guard.
That's from an account posted on the Autosport Nostalgia Forum, which also said: "Visually, apart from the elimination of those air vents, the two D24s show a more rounded grille and the louvres on the sides have been closed."
The Fangio Lancia shown above is actually one of the two bigger-engined D25s, though the two D24s looked much the same.
Another 'poster' on ANF said the D25s had a shorter wheelbase, 7ft 6in as opposed to the D24s' 7ft.10½in. I don't know if that's correct.
Ascari and Fangio began the race in D25s but both cars failed. Fangio then joined Taruffi in one of the D24s and finished second 'on the road' behind the Hawthorn-Trintignant Ferrari. The Tourist Trophy title was decided on handicap that year and went to a Panhard, though world championship points still went on 'scratch' positions. Sadly, that was Lancia's last race with its sports-racing cars.
A low-res b/w photo suggests that Ascari's car did not have a tonneau cover.
It appears that earlier (1953) D24s also ran at times without the right-front wing-top vents.
The circular holes each side of the grille were probably used for auxiliary long-range lights in some races, presumably Le Mans, though I can't find the photo I have in the back of my mind.
I was at the 1954 TT and plan to model one of the D24s. George Turner's resin shells look the best I've seen on-line. I was just a young fellow in 1954 and memories are rather vague, so that's why I've had to do some research recently.
The photo Coides posted was taken by Martyn Wainwright and appears in his marvellous 2004 book 1950s Motorsport in colour. It has photos of many other great (and lesser) cars and is a treasure trove for anyone modelling cars of that decade.
Rob J

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Hi Frank,

Did the slot fever hit you again?
And you surprised us with one of your super cool top builds again. Nice to see you back in the field again. Keep us posted on the evolution of your builds. Top work man


· Frank
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Thanks all for your comments,

Danny - never lost that virus. i only do not have so much time to built a new track, but time for a car i take ever when i need.

And here is the finished result, only a light weathering and it´s completed.

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