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Whilst I will not argue with Lloyd with that complimentary comment, I must point out that my son found my ancient Heller kit amongst his own and bought a 16D from the old chap who runs the local SlotStox club and put it all together with a Scalex Metro back axle, shortened. He found a guide somewhere and brought it round.
Unfortunately the decals fell to bits, so it resides with Dad who will attempt a hand painted livery!

Maybe the lad picked up some hints during his visits to my various workshops since he's been around. As an ex restorer of classic racing cars, he tends to have his own way of doing things too!

He'll be pleased with your comments, gents, for which many thanks.
Lloyd the Porsche kit arrived today and there ain't NO way a 16D will be in that one!! Maybe a K's Mk 11<g>

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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