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I would very much like some help from the knowledgeable (and more competent) out there

I've spent today delving into the world of foliage, with my first ever attempts at bushes. I'd read up on how to do it and followed the same basic principles given by a number of members. The generic technique seems to be

1. Make the bush - I used a twisted wire skeleton and some teased out wire wool. No problem
2. Spray a dark colour - mine were sprayed black. No problem
3. Allow to dry. Even I could do that.
4. Spray/mist with diluted PVA.........................

Now here's where it all started to go wrong. I diluted down the PVA (about 50:50 seemed to be the recommended dilution) and poured it into a plant mister that we had knocking around. I did test the mister first to make sure it was working, and sure enough a fine mist of water came out. However, once it was filled up with diluted PVA, it ceased to mist and sent out a jet of liquid that was more akin to a pressure washer! I tightened the nozzle up as far as it would go, but no better. Can anyone tell me why this should be? I'm damned certain it is possible to create a fine mist of PVA - the rest of you can't have been imagining it, but now I'm wondering whether I need to play around with the dilution, or even whether there some sprayer-misters that will, and others that won't, work with PVA.


In the end I came up with a plan B, which allowed me to move on another couple of stages. I sprayed the bushes with photo-mount instead. I then got a good coating of scatter by putting the scatter in a freezer bag, dropping in the now sticky bush (I could have phrased that better), and giving it all a good shake. They look great, but I'm now at a lost as to how I should seal them, because of course all the advice points towards .... you guessed it! I don't think I can do it with more photo-mount spray, as this stuff stays tacky for weeks afterwards. So, back to my plea for advice above



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Hi Don,

I don't use PVA on foliage & trees. I use spray adhesive pre-sprinkle and use super strong hold hairspray as the sealer coat. If you have problems with remnant tackiness you could top the lot with matte clear coat.

To spray PVA I add a bit of white vinegar to the mix. Others have suggested a few drops of dishwashing detergent.
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