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Hello guys,

Last night I separated APB from track piece and extended wires so I can place the track piece where I want.
I am going to leave the PB Pro track piece in also so I can use my lap display.
Now here comes the tricky part. I cut the power cables that went to the PB Pro track near the PB. RichG once separated C7030 for me, so I thought why wouldn't I use RichG's power cables to connect to APB from PB pro track piece.

The difference is that the APB comes with 2 sets of power cables, one for every lane. Since I am not planning to go analog besides the single lane option I was used to, I thought I could join the 2 sets of cables and connect them to the PB Pro track piece that sits next to APB track piece. They are connected anyway on different spots on the track.

I hope you are still able to follow, I will make pictures soon to show how I did It.

I did a quick test last night (It was already very late). Just connect display, 1 controller (#3) and did a few laps. driving, lc, beeps at start finish, everything seemed fine. Until I changed lane.When I cross SF, lap timing starts again and works well in that lane, until I change and timing starts again.

So, car is registered, It is seen on SF, but when I change lane I have a problem.

Now I hope that that has to do with firmware 0.84, as I haven't upgraded yet. And I hope not I have to de-solder, check, and solder all joints again.
Can someone tell me more ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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