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I am thinking a bit on giving this a try with my wood track. I like the idea of incorporating LCs from Carrera as they always worked reliably when I had a Pro-X layout and I like their longer length.

I do not understand how it all works very well at this point though and had a question or two.

After adding the Oxigen adapter to a Carrera LC:

- Running under Oxigen, is the LC still triggered by a LED from the car beaming into a receptor?
- if so, would it be the Carrera receptor or would i drill a hole in the track for an Oxigen receptor (maybe the receptor is part of the adapter)?



· Greg Gaub
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1) Yes.
2) The oXigen chip replaces the Carrera one in the lane changer, and the oXigen receptor is in the center of the slot rather than off to the side. If there is no gap in the bottom of the slot suitable for the receptor to show through, then a hole will need to be made for it.
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