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If you want the new BBS style wheel inserts code is PA55.

Inside the package there are 6 complete inserts:
4x for 15.8 wheels
2x for 16.5 wheels

this caters for the cars that come with front and rear 15.8, and for cars that will come with 16.5 rears and 15.8 fronts.
So far, all Porsche Gr.C came with 15.8 front and rears.

The Gulf and Jaeg. Porsche have both got 15.8 wheels front and rear. Future Porsches will move to 15.8 and 16.5 like all other Gr.Cs.
For your cars, tyres have reference 1140 rear, 1159 front.

Have a look at
for an explanation on tyre codes.

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