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Hi guys,

I got a couple of questions about the new Slot.It cars. I was going to email Maurizio himself, but I realised he's a busy guy, someone else might be able to answer me, and I guess there are others that might want the questions answered too.

Anyway, here they are...

Is the first release of the R390 going to be the road car (ie. devoid of essential wing) ?

What liveries will the race car come in, and how long will we have to wait for them?

What configuration will the motor be in (sidewinder or inline) ?

When can we expect the C9? And what config will the motor be in?

And will either of the cars come with the larger diameter hubs? Or will they be small diameter as with the Audi and Porsche?

Sorry if these have been asked and answered before but I haven't seen them... Also, I realise that even Slot.It may not know the answers to these, but I'm just curious...

I really don't want the street R390, because I think it looks completly wrong without the wing, but I don't want to wait ages for the race car... or buy the race car only to have a nicer livery come out the very next week
Sorry, if this seems a little cheap, but I don't need two of these cars... just one. Also majorly curious about the Sauber 'cos it's one of my favourite cars and I really, really want one!

Anyway, cheers for any info you can give (and I've seen the Slot.It site, and every post about them on this forum, so no need to provide these links)


PS. Here's a pic of the R390 from the Slot.It site... I just love looking at it


Mark R-E
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Hi Andy

You could get the road car cut a couple of slots in the shell and add a wing maybe from the tearproof set do.

Obviously Roly would then ban you and you would be drummed out of the club for changing the shell

Think of a date and add six months although the Newman car was about right and Xmas is coming!

Allan Wakefield
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A wait until at least Monday is on the cards as Maurizio and the Slot.It posse are in Barcelona this weekend.

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