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quota of likes per day

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I have not seen this before, but when I tried to "like" a post I got an error message saying "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day".

I am not one that dispense "like" very easily...I might have like 3 or 4 posts today including the one that I got the message for.

Was this a glitch or is a new "feature"?
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I get it too, I can't see any reason to curb good feedback.
I am with you. Let's see what reply we get.
This came up once before. It is a system glitch. I thought it was fixed. I cannot fix it but someone can.
hi John

thanks for replying. I have not seen this before.

I tried again and now the glitch is gone.
The quota of likes in a 24 hour period is 10 for members and 20 for plus members. Assuming you have not exceeded this then the first thing to do is check your time zone settings. Click on your name at top right of page, then 'my settings'. This will show your time zone, adjust if necessary. We have only had one query about this before and it transpired that the member was in the wrong time zone and out of sync with forum time. It was not a glitch. If this does not cure the problem then please let me know but there have been several 'likes' posted today so it is unlikely to be a forum wide problem.
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Thanks for the Time Zone tip Brian, just set mine properly after 10 years here Doh! and now the times are making sense :)
My time zone is set correctly to Auckland time.

Maybe between 7:40 am of the 17th and 7:40 Am of the 18th I did put in 10 likes but I doubt it.

As I said I am quite selective.

Anyway, at 10:39 am I was able to post again.
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