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Essentially we'll have 4 different type of classes with a few team events throughout the year:-

Open GT:- Where you can do pretty much anything (within reason!)

F1:- Run it (NON MAGNET) (use whatever cars people want, with minor mods to make them run), see how it goes and hopefully settle on a set of rules for the future.

Club Classes:- The FUN class, Initially run the Porsches as (most) are happy with these and they're ready to go, Be nice to run Rally & Trucks in same style (if people are happy to loan cars) but obviously can run as a normal class if people prefer.

Production Cars:- Not sure what to call these classes but effectively a class where we can rotate the Group 5s, Ford GTs, NSR GT3s and anything else that would fall under this category in the future.

Team Events:- Everyone (bar one!) enjoyed this type of racing so it's good that we've worked a few into the year. My idea is to pick the teams on the night then award points for every member of the team, so if Mike & Gary were teamed and won the event they would both get 15 points, If Mike was then teamed with Elliot next time and won again Mike would be leading the championship with 30 points to say Garys 27 and Elliots 25 etc etc. I've stuck NSR GT3 in as a starter but we can do anything people want on that night and throughout the year.
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