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Race Control System 64

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Hello fellow racers,

Me and Martin are happy to announce that the Free version of RCS64 will be released soon.
In advance, you can get your registration key by sending me or Martin Schmidt a PM with your e-mail address.
We will send you the registration key and manual.

In the mean time we will try to finish and test the build to be released by the end of this month, but don't be too harsh on us If we don't make It. Today's test however looked good so I could not longer wait to post this on SF !

By pre-registering you can start playing with RCS as soon as you finished the download when released, and read the manual before asking questions on SF

The Free RCS64 version will include at least next features;
- Practice
- Qualify (lap limited)
- Grand Prix (laps)
- Le Mans (endurance)
- Throttle calibration
- 15+ default profiles
- Custom profiles
- APM (advanced pit menu © )
- Individual sounds for passing start-finish
- Auto Track Call
- Stop and Go

Free version will not include;
- pace cars
- pit lane detection
- historic data
- Dynamic braking

We think the current version deserves to be enjoyed and tested by you (and thanks to our early day beta testers !), and in the mean time we are working to improve current version, which will undoubtedly have some issues, and work on above missing features and a lot of new features not mentioned or seen before. Watch this space.

Marcel and Martin,
Team RCS

PS RCS64 website hasnt been updated in a while, we will do that soon.
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Hey Minardi,
i'am only find the manual for download, we using lap counter and ssdc but there are a few drawbacks, If there is a test version we want to try it.

Find time to make the power update for the APB. I need 3/4 hour and it is more than a small way up. It is great
, If you need the resistor i have some one
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