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The much-anticipated race is now in the history books. The drive down was longer than I thought, but the trip back was faster. Did somebody change my motor? Hot Shoe thanks for having me over. While I was driving back all I can think about was how great this hobby is. Racing by yourself and sharing your ideas on the Internet is fun, but racing with other hobbyist and laughing during the event is great. Here are some photos from race night.

First Photo, me of course.

Pre Race work

Starting Grid

Lane 1 #28 Hot Shoe
Lane 2 #5 Black Flag Les
Lane 3 #24 Gary "I paint my Car Green So I can See it"
Lane 4 #3 Ken " Is it Over Yet"
Lane 5 #97 Scatman "I'm out again"
Lane 6 #6 Frank Up for the Challenge
Get it?

Race Action. Of course I'm out. Someone needed to take pictures.8o

Les "I'm OK" Black Flag

Gary Doing his thing. Is that his tongue?

Frank Old School and Hot Shoe Racing With Dr Ken still working on his car

Final Results
1st - Frank ----- 55pts Old School # 6
2nd - Julian ---- 52pts Hot Shoe#28
3rd - Gary ------ 32pts #24 (1st place heat #5)
4th - Les ------- 32pts Black flag #5 (2nd place heat #5)(no wins)
5th - Tony ------ 32pts Scatman #97 (no 2nd place)
6th - Mike ------ 32pts # 22
7th - Ken ------- 21pts Dr Ken #3

Great fun was had. Thanks for the help guys. Driving without magnets is great

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