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Race Night classes

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Just in case anyone fancies popping along to the race night (Thursday) here are the classes we will be racing:

9th Sept Rd 4 Ninco DTM NC-2 - everything standard although any rubber tyres allowed

16th Sept Final Ninco DTM NC-2

23rd Sept Fly Classic Endurance: box standard - race with a partner max laps over 60mins of racing - great way to learn the track as you get loads of track time

30th Sept for 5 weeks: Rnd 1-4 and then final - Ninco Classic NC-1 - box standard

4th Nov F1
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Repaints, lights et al more than welcome. Everything else is completley box standard. Glue everything, reduce tyre diameters, shave chassis for flexing and add some weight and away we go. Good close racing.

For information the following is the class list for the next period at W'boro

11th, 18th, 25th Nov, 2nd & 9th Dec - Scalextric NASCAR - box standard

16th Dec - 1hr Endurance Fly Classics

Sun 28th Nov 11am onwards - NSCC qualifying and Open Invite meeting - prizes to be won

We are now in our second week of racing NASCARs and I'm top of the leader board having won 4/4 races at the last race night - my first clean sweep! Got 36/40 points being closely followed by the pretenders Mick on 33 points and Geoff on 31 points.

Anyway to let potential racers know that after the Fly Classic Endurance race on the 16th Dec with the following 5 weeks we will be racing front engined GT cars. The only mods allowed are slot-it wheels and any rubber based tyre of which Proslots are ones of choice although Slot-It P3s hook up well.

The Front Engined GT class will start 6th January for 5 weeks

Then the first round of the 2005 F1 champonship

Then 5 weeks of rally

Let me know if you fancy coming along and need the rules

FI - the only rule is about rear tyres - must be Ninco FI tyres, other than that up to you. You can use Slot-it parts but to tell you the truth I run with the best and I use an SCX Ford Indy car with all original parts with a Scaly Mabuchi. The Scaly Indy cars are good and Ninco do well but the top car is still the SCX Ferarri 87! Stay away from Carrera - one of our members is determined to get his Carrera Sauber to be competitive - gives us all a good larf race after race, season after season. The new Scalextric cars could prove interesting. The main restriction is grip and while the ninco tyres are not bad they don't offer huge grip so a big motor does not normally help you.

Rally - standard although you can change tyres as long as they are rubber based - proslots are choice although P3 are good. SCX rule currently there is not a lot of difference - nobody has run the TS, Carrera or Autoart cars - carrera might be good. Limitations on which motors can be used though - either SCX (any one), Scaly/Carrera Mabuchi or NC1.

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We are in the 3rd week of our rallying programme (carry on till final on 17/3) and I thought I'd post what we'd be running next

24th Mar - F1 (any car and parts although Scalextric mabuchi motor and Ninco F1 tyres are mandatory). Good mix of cars are competitive although stay away from Carerra models

31st Mar (for 5 weeks) - Unlimited GT (any car, motor, running gear) although tyres must be rubber. Proslot Toyoya, Slot-It Audi and Fly Porsche GT1 are the normal front runners.

Held the rally final last night (I won my first series) and agreed to the next series

March 31st thru to the series final on April 28th we are running unlimited GT

May 5th Endurance wilth Fly Classics

May 12th for 5 weeks DTM - any SCX, Ninco, Scalextric or Carrera car with any motor from the same manafacturer of the car you race i.e. Ninco DTMs can run NC1-NC7, SCX the pro-turbo, etc. Tyres must be rubber and from any of the above manafacturers or Ortmans.
Oh yeah 24th March is the 2nd round of the 2005 FI series - any car but motor must be a Scalextric Mabuchi and the tyres must be Ninco F1

The DTM series is about to start - you can race any of the manafacturers cars (except the latest carrera as they weren't out in time) but must keep standard parts although you can use any motor that comes with the manafacturers range of cars. Tyres are proslots (choice) or from the manafacturer

This series will run from 12th may thru to 9th June.

16th June - FI

23rd June for 5 weeks - Fly Classic - any from the range and we've expanded the choice of tyres to include the NSR range ( stock these) which will be the tyre of choice

Just finished the DTM series last night - came joint third. Mick Kerr won setting new fastest lap by 1/100th sec. It is now very close at the top with less than one nights race points seperating 1st to 3rd in the overall championship (no holidays allowed now!)

Anyway future Thursday race night classes are:
16th June: F1 - only restriction is tyres must be Ninco F1

23rd June - 15th July: Fly classics - only allowed to changed rear tyres (rubber) and NSR are allowed

22nd July: Open Top Sports Car Endurance team event - any open top Le Mans style car. Must be Mabushi S can motor. Tyres must be rubber and NSR/Proslot/Slot-It are allowed

29th July - 25th August: Ninco Classic - any Ninco classic. Must be NC1 and tyres must be Ninco classic narrow tyres (these fit on to the cobra and corvette directly)

Hope to see any of you there
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Firstly congrats to Andy for winning the Fly Classic class - a good close fight.

Next Thursday, August 4th sees the start of the Ninco Classic (NC1 and narrow Ninco tyres) series with the final of that class on Sept 1st

Sept 8th - F1 - any FI and spare parts etc although must use Ninco F1 tyres

Sept 15th for 5 weeks - Open top LMP - any car but must have Mabuschi (scalextric) motor, retain 9/27 gear ratio and have plastic wheels. Tyres must be rubber with Proslot or ultragrip NSR being the tyres of choice.

Hope to see some of you there

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address of club is
Top Floor Gilmore Factory Unit, Mill Road, Corner of Strode Rd, Wellingborough

there is a link to a map at the top of this thread ie page 1

Don't know about proper racers, but we more than welcome any new comers and happy to provide cars, controllers and advice to help you get to grips with the racing.

Thursday is race night (19.45ish) and we are racing Fly Classics for the next 3 weeks as we await the new Scaly NASCARs which will be the last class in 2005

Hope to see you

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