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Race Night classes

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Just in case anyone fancies popping along to the race night (Thursday) here are the classes we will be racing:

9th Sept Rd 4 Ninco DTM NC-2 - everything standard although any rubber tyres allowed

16th Sept Final Ninco DTM NC-2

23rd Sept Fly Classic Endurance: box standard - race with a partner max laps over 60mins of racing - great way to learn the track as you get loads of track time

30th Sept for 5 weeks: Rnd 1-4 and then final - Ninco Classic NC-1 - box standard

4th Nov F1
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Funky Ford Cortina,

If you click on 'Wellingborough Scalextric Club' on the 'forums' page it will take you to our index page which has details on how to find us as well as links to a map.
There are also some photos of the track, but don't let them scare you off!

Race night is Thursday and I usually get there at about 7.30.

You will be most welcome to come along, bring some cars and have a go. We have club controllers you can use and also some club cars if you prefer not to risk your own.

Look forward to meeting you.

Regards . Mick.
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NASCAR series has had to be postponed until after Christmas due to the later than expected release of the latest Scalex NASCARS.

We have decided to bring forward the next mini series for Front Engine Cars.
Series starts Thursday 17th November and ends Thursday 15th December.
Open to any RTR front engine car with a prop shaft drive to the rear wheels, cars may be fitted with Slot-It wheels, gears and bearings if desired.
They make for an interesting challenge.

We also have a couple of TSRF evenings in this period.
Tuesday 22nd November Falcon powered 1/32 F1 cars.
Tuesday 13th December 1/32 TSRF Hardbody cars.

If anyone wants to come along you will be made most welcome.

Regards. Mick.
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2005 season has now come to an end.
Congratulations to every winner from the past year.

The 2006 Scalextric racing season kicks off on Thursday 5th January with the first qualifying round of the NASCAR mini series. This is open to any of the clear window Scalextric NASCARS with no mods allowed except for gluing in the motor and axle bearings and allowing the body to move on the chassis. This series ends with the Final on 2nd February.

On the 9th February we have the first round of the annual Endurance series which this time is for open top LMPs.

We then move on to a mini series for a new class for us, Slot-It Group C cars, again in standard form but with the option of ProSlot or NSR rear tyres. This begins on Thursday 16th February and ends with the Final on 16th March.

Our Tuesday evening schedule for TSRF and Clubman series cars for 2006 is set out below.

1 Tuesday 10th January 1/32nd Lexan & 1/32nd Hard body Cars
2 Tuesday 31st January 1/32nd Hard body Cars & 1/24th Minis
3 Tuesday 21st February 1/32nd Falcon F1 & BSCRA Production
4 Tuesday 14th March 1/24th Minis & 1/32nd Lexan Cars
5 Tuesday 4th April 1/32nd Lexan & 1/32nd Hard body Cars
* Sunday 16th April Clubmans Meeting TSRF & F1
6 Tuesday 25th April 1/32nd BSCRA Production & Falcon F1
7 Tuesday 16th May 1/32nd Lexan & 1/32nd Hard body Cars
8 Tuesday 6th June 1/32nd Hard body Cars & 1/24th Minis
9 Tuesday 27th June 1/32nd Falcon F1 & BSCRA Production
10 Tuesday 18th July 1/24th Minis & 1/32nd Lexan Cars
11 Tuesday 22nd August 1/32nd Lexan & 1/32nd Hard body Cars
12 Tuesday 12th September 1/32nd BSCRA Production & Falcon F1
13 Tuesday 3rd October 1/32nd Lexan & 1/32nd Hard body Cars
14 Tuesday 24th October 1/32nd Hard body Cars & 1/24th Minis
15 Tuesday 14th November 1/32nd Falcon F1 & BSCRA Production
16 Tuesday 5th December 1/32nd Lexan & 1/32nd Hard body Cars

First class listed for each evening will take priority and second class will be run if time allows.

Visitors, no matter how much or little experience you have, will always be made very welcome.

Cheers. Mick.
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Hi All,

Our first Mini Championship has now ended.
Well done to Andy Dunmore, NASCAR Champion and our first champion for 2006.

We now move on to the second Mini Championship which is for Slot-It Group C cars.
These must use all standard components but may be fitted with NSR tyres.
Series starts Thursday 16th Feb and ends with the Final on Thursday 16th March.

The first round of the 2006 Formula 1 Championship is on Thursday 23rd March.

This will be followed by a Mini Series for Rally Cars.

Everyone is welcome. Doors open about 7.30, racing from 8.30 and usually finished by 10.30.

Cheers. Mick.
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See you tonight Mick.

I'll be bringing Bananaman who recently joined the forum.

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Hi folks,

I thought it might be useful to post the rules for our current series in case anyone fancied a visit:


The following cars will be eligible to race: -

Any Rally Car or 'Hot Hatchback' that has competed in any internationally recognised rally and manufactured by: - S C X or NINCO

f you think any car should be added to or removed from this list please let us know.
New manufacturers may only added to this list up to 4 weeks before the start of a championship series.


1. Motors

Any eligible car must be powered by one of the following motors: -

S C X RX4, RX41, RX8, RX81
Ninco NC1

Motor shafts may be shortened.
No other modifications to the motor are permitted.
Motors may be fitted into the chassis using any commercially available motor mount, or the front of the motor may be supported by a single piece of wire or plastic glued across the chassis. Motors must be mounted inline.
Motors and motor mounts may be glued into place.
Two or four wheel drive is permitted.

2. Gears

Any gears manufactured by Scalextric, S C X or Ninco may be used provided that the original gear ratio is retained. i.e. 9t pinion and 27t crown gear.
Pinions may be glued to motor shafts and crown gears may be glued to axles.

3. Bearings

Only plain axle bearings manufactured by Scalextric, S C X or Ninco may be fitted, and may be glued into place.

4. Wheels

Only plastic wheels manufactured by Scalextric, S C X or Ninco, and of the same size fitted as standard to any of the eligible cars, may be used.
Wheels may be glued to axles.

5. Tyres

Any solid rubber tyres manufactured by Scalextric, S C X or Ninco may be used provided that: -
A. They fit the wheels used.
B. They are of the same size as the original tyres. i.e. 19 x 10.
C. Tyre treads do not protrude outside the car bodywork when viewed from above.
Front axles must have the side-to-side movement restricted to comply.
Tyres may be glued onto the wheels, and may be sanded true.
Any tyre cleaner used must not leave a residue on the tyres or track.
Sponge tyres and tyre dressings (goop) of any kind are not permitted.
Silicone tyres must not be used.

6. Rear Axles

Rear axles are free, but see Rules 2 and 5C.

7. Guides

All cars must use their original guide mount with no modification.
Any car may have an easy-fit guide replaced with a conventional wired guide, if desired, with the minimum possible modification made to the chassis.
Any guide manufactured by Scalextric, S C X or Ninco may be fitted to any car.
Guide to motor wires and pick up braids are free.

8. Front Axles

Front axles are free and may be fitted with bearings or the movement of the axle (up or down and side to side) may be restricted if desired.
See also Rules 3 and 5C.

9. Lights etc.

Any car fitted with working lights etc. may have the light bulbs, LED's, wiring, PC board, etc. removed, but must retain all external lenses.

10. Ballast

Ballast weight may be added to any car as desired, provided that it is placed within the confines of the body and chassis and is firmly glued in place.
Traction magnets may be retained or removed as desired.

11. Body and Chassis

Bodies and chassis must be used unmodified except as detailed in Rules 1,7 8, 9, 10 & 11.
Bodies may be repainted provided that doing so does not distort the body.
Window / screen mouldings must be retained and be complete and original.
Interior must be retained complete, include a driver, and may be glued in place.
Chassis must be the chassis originally intended for the car being used.
Chassis ride height may not be lowered in any way.
Body to chassis mountings may not be lowered in any way.
Bodywork fixing screws, if fitted by the manufacturer, may be left loose and minor scraping or sanding of the body and / or chassis is permitted to allow the body to move freely on the chassis. This includes removal of any internal pegs etc. that rest on the motor, axle bearings or chassis sides. Removal of other parts of the body or chassis for this purpose is not permitted.
Adhesive tape must be placed over the body fixing screw holes to prevent screws from falling out.
When the car, race ready, is placed on a slotted, flat surface, all 4 tyres must touch the surface and all 4 wheels must rotate when it is pushed forward.


If the rules do not expressly say that you can do something then you cannot do it.

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