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Race night report 15/12/2011

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We had 7 racers turn up on the 17th of November for racing on Dave's track and another great night of racing was had by all!

The 7 were: Ed, Ronan (myself!), Dave, John, Bryan, Paul and Lorcan.

Race 1 was Bryan's choice and he picked Scalextric GT/Touring cars:

Bryan was on yellow, Dave was on red, John on blue and Paul on silver.

The result was:

1. Paul +fastest lap (FL)
2. John
3. Dave
4. Bryan

Race 2 was John's pick and he went for Fly Trucks (although he used a truck he got recently, with what we think is a Parma chassis?):

John was on yellow, Bryan was on red, Paul on blue and Ronan on silver.

The result was:

1. Ronan
2. Bryan
3. Paul +FL
4. John

Race 3 was Paul's choice and he went for NASCARs:

Paul was on yellow, John on red, Ronan on blue and Lorcan on silver.

The result was:

1. Ronan +FL
2. Paul
3. John
4. Lorcan

Race 4 was Ronan's pick and he went for Ninco Raid cars:

Ronan was on yellow, Paul on red, Lorcan on blue and Ed on silver.

The result was:

1. Ed
2. Ronan
3. Lorcan
4. Paul +FL

Race 5 was Lorcan's choice and he picked 90s Rally cars:

Lorcan was on yellow, Ronan on red, Ed on blue and Dave on silver.

The result was:

1. Ed
2. Ronan
3. Dave +FL
4. Lorcan

Race 6 was Ed's choice and he picked LMPs:

Ed was on yellow, Lorcan on red, Dave on blue and Bryan on silver.

The result was:

1. Ed
2. Dave
3. Bryan
4. Lorcan +FL

Race 7 was Dave's choice and he picked Ninco classics:

Dave was on yellow, Ed was on red, Bryan was on blue and John on silver.

The result was:

1. Dave +FL
2. Ed
3. Bryan
4. John

The final results were:

1st: Ed (15 points)
2nd: Ronan (14 points +1 FL)
3rd: Dave (11 points +2 FL)
4th: Paul (10points +3 FL)
5th: Bryan (8 points)
6th: John (7 points)
7th: Lorcan (5 +1 FL)

A great night of racing! Personally I was disappointed that Ed beat me in the Ninco Raid race, usually my Bowler is the car to beat! Must try harder next time!
Lorcan had a tough night and did not do as well as he did in the previous race night, but he still got one fastest lap in the LMP race and I'm sure he will place much higher the next time out.
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