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Race Night Video

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Hello All

Ok so i decided to edit the video taken last night... due to lack of memory in laptop its shorter than intended with no nice fades... taken six hours and started at midnight must have crashed windows movie maker at least 50 times...

Hopefully this embed worked...

u tube Link if its not working

Please remember until today... I have never shot a video... edited one or uploaded to youtube... talk about a steep learning curve!

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YAY! Wow. I LOVE the beginning! Seeing that big table come down really built up the excitement.

Thanks for spending the time editing that video, Sean. I look forward to future ENSCA videos.

.. never one to be satisfied, though, I'd like to hear the cars and people a little next time. I liked the music, but would have preferred it to fade and become background music after the start.
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Great! Thanks! About as close to being there as I could get.

I'm jealous of everyone within driving distance of such a great digital track.
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Sean, I liked the first video very much and so well done mate. I have a car ready and looking forward to next week
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Next night is June 6th.

Oh, and we have a new rostrom and elevated drivers stand (700mm up if there are any vertigo sufferers).

Next night is June 6th.
Oh you have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Can,t believe how much this track has grown since the first night. Looks great.
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QUOTE (BB ENSCA @ 24 May 2010, 23:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>[Oh, and we have a new rostrom and elevated drivers stand (700mm up if there are any vertigo sufferers).

You did that on purpose to upset my driving! oh thats like 2ft 6 man you just enjoyed watching me shake on that ladder taking video last week!!!!

Personally i think we should all sit in the Hole above the cupboards that gives a great track overall track view... perfect for the video!
hi to all.
fab work on the video sean keep em coming.the rate at wich this club has grown is outstanding.somebody has put in a immense amount of effort into this project and of look for the future.
Hey that Video is great, I had thought about a similar idea of been able to lower a track down, me and the missus were talking about it over xmas when she came up with the same idea, obviously months after I did, I'll have to see where I could do it in the house or garage.

What a setup there though, very nice.

Does anyone remember a large Scalextric track they had in a wooden building near The Norman Centre, Mile Cross?

I used to go up there as a child as I lived down the road, the club may of been there before they even built the centre actually, it was behind Norman First School, I think they had made their own track as I am sure it was 6 or 8 lanes, large corner that banked right up in the air, and it always seemed to be adults racing, maybe as back then children were seen and not heard, wish the missus' kids were like that! It was great to go and watch though.

If I can jiggle some time to come to the club I could bring the boys with me if that's ok, but do you have any restraints handy in case they get out of control?

I guess we could all come actually, as all of us, the missus, her little girl, the boys, yes I know, there's hundreds of them, me, all love playing Scalextric.

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The club you are refering to at Norman Community Centre was Presto Park.
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