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I am soon having my 3 lane wood track ready and there will be 6 or 9 racers competing.
How do you suggest to organize the race? I have a DS 300 system but it is not connected to the PC, I just record the races on a spread sheet.
I usually have individual qualifications by best timing in order to arrange the dfferent racers and then we start the different heats. The best racers will ultimately race against each other for the first place.
I am sure there are many different ways, any suggestion?
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What we, and many others tend to do is have as many heats as reqiured for everyone to race om every lane. Add up the totals and then have step up finals using heat totaals to decide qualifying order. Bottom three racers(7th 8th and 9th) compete in the bottom final the winner goes up to race against the next quickest from the qualifying heats (5th and 6th if there are 9 of you) the winner of this goes up to next final and so on.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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