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Racer 935K3

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Racer Model number RCR37- 935K3 Akin Motorsport Daytona 24hrs 1981 B. Akin / D. Bell / C. Seibert

This new livery will be ready for distribution in next couple of weeks.

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Very good looking, and extremely well built. But I'll probably wait and see how the Fly cars turns out. If they are anywhere near this level of details, then it would will be hard to justify the Racer price levels. especially if Fly plans to release a racing version wich I suspect they might do, since they allready have the chassis awailable in their 934 racing versions.
This car is stunning. Does anyone know the approximate price? How racable is it? I race everything and not intersted in just a shelf display though I do love looking at them too. Sounds like Fly is producing same model, true?
Cheers and thanks
Hi Nuro

thanks for posting these great pictures of a even greater car

makes me want to get a racer car ASAP
at this moment my wallet is not approving though,my time will come.
to get a full taste of this brand where everybody is speaking so highly of

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"""my time will come to get a full taste of this brand where everybody is speaking so highly of"""

And when it does my friend, you'll be bitten by the RACER bug... All the words in the English language can't explain how daunting their stance is just sitting idle on the shelf, until you have one sitting right in front of your face... and then you strike some electricity into that Slot-It powerplant... ooh my... time to go play with one.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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