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I have 2 Ferrari P4's on the go at the moment - (1 Racer kit and 1 Oca conversion). I have also completed an Airfix kitbash of the 250 lm.

Was working on the 2 P4's at the dining room table ( MUCH to my wifes disgust but it is winter here in the antipodean part of the world and far too chilly to work in the garage (oops I mean workroom)), and mentioned this thread to my son. He made a very valid point - the car LOOKS right. and it does not look like a MGV car(massively oversized). The other point he made was that the racer sits very low on the track - and again it looks right. Compare this to some of the 'correct' cars made, that sit very high off the track...

I also have the Protoslot kit of the 250 LM, and I agree with Dr Pea, that this is probably the best version in proportion to the airfix or soon to be released racer version.......

not very good line drawing I know - but this was my 2nd ever kitbashing attempt - sheesh that was a long time ago....
It does have a full interior with a sidewinder chassis cut from an Parma international32 chassis - does go well though!!
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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