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The new Racer Ferrari 250LM is nearing production. Racer will be producing the NART #21 1965 Le Mans winning car driven by Masten Gregory, Jochen Rindt and Ed Hugus, as well as the 2nd placed yellow #26 car of Pierre Dumay and Gustave "Taf" Gosselin.

Unfortunately, I believe that it is slightly oversized, being around 1/30th scale....

Kind regards


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...more than a passing resemblence I'd say Steve

The scale issue is strange... meanwhile I'm adopting howmet's technique for lowering the roof profile on the Airfix 250 LM kit (although it looks like the back could do with coming down a bit too perhaps). I'm planning on an anglewinder chassis similar to my P68. Unlike the P68 though there should be room to fit the full interior.

· Jim Moyes
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Everyone get out of here!!!

I remember what happened when Vanquish were diagnosed as being "of another scale"!!!


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Cue Jaws theme music... revving of chain saws in the near distance...

And why does Mr Blobby head have goggles, by the way? Always hard to find an unspectacled driver for GT models.

Does look fab, though. Especially those wheels. Am I developing a fixation?

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Scale, cost, quality
of these three I cherish quality,
I honour it and respect it,
when i became a man I put away childish things,
quality hath...

ok enough butchering and bad paraphrasing of Corinthians 1:13 - you know, faith hope charity...

bottom line is three things get the goat of slot enthusiats more than any thing else: wrong scale, poor quality and insane pricing

The Racer 330/P4 is 'over scale' and likely around 1:30 ish - but its proportioned nicely and isn't grossly out of place among today's RTRs which blur the lines of 'true 1:32' - think Fly Lola MkIII and Porsche 908s... I forgive them, but I am not hung up on precise scale.

The Racer 330/P4 is 'very expensive' - indeed, its not toy store stuff, and value is another question, but it is at the high end of the slot world - I definitely hemmed and hawed before I bought, but am glad I have one (at the expense of 3 other ' common cars')

The quality is top shelf. I couldn't resist and bought the Filipinetti version. It is the closest thing to diecast I own. It has solid mechanicals, and looks the bomb! And I run this car often. its a heavy car, but magnetless it has plenty of 'umph' from the motor, the wheels are true and the tyres hook up well on my Ninco track.

I had one major off during some track testing. My 17' straight leads from a 4-lane hairpin to a hairpin. Its a full on blast... well the P4 jumped the slot on a bump just past halfway and there it slid 7' no brakes, full speed, straight on at the hairpin (no guardrails in place as am still building) and CRASHED into the pine frame of the table -- THUD!!

The photo etched bits in the front grill came off and I managed to loosen the driver and snap off the steering wheel with the impact!!!! Otherwise everything was in order and its none the worse for wear.

So, the 250LM ought to be a beauty and is very appealing on the quality front...price and scale aside.

Cheers, Ken R

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WOW!! I've seen tons of LM250s, but this one is quite a thing of beauty. As I always say: "The wheels can make the car." Those wheels are so gorgeous they are stirring feelings in me I did not think I had!! *SNIFF*

On the model-making side I always wonder how the designer knows how thick to make the walls of the vehicle. Gorgeous car!

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