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RCR59 Chaparral 2G - Bridgehampton Can Am 1968 #66 J. Hall Price TBC

News in from Racer is the latest in their premium range of hand built resin models, first up is the Chaparral 2G from Bridgehampton Can Am race driven by Jim Hall. These ground braking cars were the brainchild of Mr Hall himself and while some of his competitors enjoyed factory involvement, with General Motors ban on involvement in motorsports it was a struggle for the Texan to compete; even though rumours at the time suggested that he was getting clandestine help from GM's Chevrolet division. The model should be with us mid November.

RCR60A Alfa T33/3 - Sebring 12hrs 1970 #31 A.deAdamich/P. Courage Price TBC
RCR60B Alfa T33/3 - Sebring 12hrs 1970 #32 R. Stommelen/N. Galli Price TBC
RCR60C Alfa T33/3 - Sebring 12hrs 1970 #33 T. Hezemans/M. Gregory Price TBC

Due late November is a trio of cars that raced in the Sebring 12hours of 1970, the Alfa Romeo T33/3's numbers 31 32 and 33. These Alfa T33's raced in their original bodywork at Sebring which differed from the Coda Lunga (long tail) versions ,that later appeared that season at Le Mans.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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