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Racer Silverline Datsun 240Z!!!

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I had missed that Racer had announced in the Nuremberg fair that they will be doing the Datsun 240Z.
Possibly the most exceptional news of the fair.

It will will be in the Silverline line (which is medium, it would have been better in the Sideways line pricewise).
So it should come around 110-130 Euros, which is now above what I feel is reasonable, but it is a must. Maybe, they should
reduce the price, since this car is a necessity not an option, or maybe the government should subsidize it

Pictures from the fabulous slotforum reporters at the fair (I presume). For the full report Racer Nuremberg
Datsun 240Z - Safari Rally 1971 winner - prototype

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Hi guys

The Datsun was a surprise for me, and it looks pretty good indeed.

Can't compete with Racer's resources, but I'm hoping we will have a 240Z in the not too distant future in resin kit form.

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