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Racing Legends Nascar Movie - 1:43 Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

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Hi everyone!

I am building this wood track replica of Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve since 2012, so 9 years now!

I wanted to do a little memorial movie starring 2 Nascar Legends: Jeff Gordon vs Jimmy Johnson.

The cars were molded and decals home made.

Enjoy the movie!!

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Hey J-F,

good to hear from you!

i thought that i ´ve seen that awesome track before! Very nice!

the movie is great, thanks for sharing!
Thanks everyone!
It seems the old gang from Slotcarillustrated switched to this forum, nice to see you back Pfuetze!

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Fabulous work, i live the scenery detail. Thanks for posting.
Great work J-F, very very impressive. From the model making to the electronics to the film making, a very professional job!

Regards, Lloyd

you write the cars are moulded. What were the patterns ? Diecasts ?

Could you show some pictures of the construction, i.e. chassis from both sides ?

And - how do you make the white lettering for the black background ? Could you please send a close - up of the lettering on the hood ?


Hi Roland!
I will post more pictures of the cars to explain.
I am usung SCX nascar chassis.
I only did a mold for the body, but I did modified the shape of the rear spoiler to avoid having a moving part, and to have a more realistic look.
My goal was to be able to cast multiple Nascar body, paint my favorites, but still use the same 4 SCX chassis.
For the decals, I found the image on internet, scale in Excel, and print on Waterpaper decal sheet. For the white letters on black, I use 2 layer of decals, or sometime I just glue the decal with the white carton underneath.
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track is great

cars are lovely

your editing skills ....... just far out ....... love it
Merci beaucoup, J-F.

You wrote you cast the bodies yourself. I just wanted to know what the patterns for the bodies were. Any diecasts, or SCX bodies ?
Thanks Oxo!

Arkay: I used the SCX body to cast, but I added some clay to mold the rear spoiler.

Sorry for the delay, I am doing some renovations in my basement, sonI did not took the time to post those pictures of the molding,

I see, thank you.

But why did you cast these bodies ? The SXC bodies are still available at EBAY & co. Even the undecorated neutral ones.

I wanted to be able to cast as many as I want to paint different bodies, but attach them to the same Chassis.

This is a few pictures of the construction:

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great pictures, J-F!

the interior is very nice - can you please send me the file for it?

windows are vac-formed?
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Thank you J-F. Should have got it myself....


n.b.: What do you think about classic NASCARs, gen.1 to 3 ?

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