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It's that time of the year for another SQUIRM event

Here's the track and details


A.M. F1/Indy - stock Tyco. Tyres must be black but can be changed for silicone, sponge or rubber (single compound) and can also be ground down.

Mega G 3 minute finals - For those who've qualified. (Anyone who's attended and entered the 1 minute challenge this year) Same rules as above. (Qualifying positions will be posted when I get back off holiday :)

P.M Closed wheel - stock SG+ chassis. Standard back axle/wheels/tyres. Tyres can be superglued in place (advisable) and ground down. 0.420 is a good place to start.
Bodies - any Le Mans/GpC/Prototype 'racing types' that fit using standard mountings, so Sauber Merc's, Jag's, Porsches, Nissan's, Toyota's, Ferrari's, Peugeot's, Chaparrals, Cobra Daytonas, etc. This includes the older AFX open-topped Porsche's and 917's. Resin bodies are allowed.

(No road based cars such as stock bodied Corvettes, Datsun 240/300Z'z, Ferrari Daytonas, etc.)

Doors open 08:30 Entry £5 per head. help yourselves to free tea and coffee all day. (Bring sandwiches, or microwaveable meals.)

Racing starts 10:00 - or earlier if everyone's in place before then.

3 of the 4 3 minute rounds count for finals positions. Everyone gets to run in the a.m and p.m finals.

We have two adapters to take 3 pin plugs and convert them to stereo jack input.

You can run with, without or on half brakes.

Timing is Tomy.

We do also have Team racing. Doesn't involve any extra racing but groups of 3 represent their areas., their individual results being totalled to give team points.

Anything else? Please ask!
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