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Hi All

Well cashing in a heap of Long Service Leave to fund my SCX Digital track (cannot wait to May when the coin is mine

As my main focus is Formula 1 Racing and all my friends love it I am getting set up with 2 x Ferrari F2008, 2 x Renault F1 Team R28, 2 x McLaren Mercedes MP4-23, 2 x BMW Sauber F-1 and 2 x Williams Toyota FW30's. I really want to do a constructors championship as well. As new racers join I will convert cars as I go so anybody interested give me a yell any other team is fair game except Red Bull as they will be my first conversion to SCX Digital (you will need a mate though to form a team for the constructors championship

As I have 10 mates who want to race I have no idea
on how to orgainise the qualifying and heats then race.

I have a rough idea on points for the final racing pretty much the same as F1 currently but with the addition of 1 point for fastest lap of the day.

Also instead of crash and burn I was thinking of giving each racer 2 poker chips (team colours of course
) that they can cash in during the day for a track call, once these are all used you are out if you crash again ( I am spending the coin and don't want the cars destroyed really but know that may happen with other people using them, some times stuff happens

But seeing how only 6 can race at a time am I better off doing qualifying of 14 laps empty track then using this time to set 2 finals of 5 cars, then base the points on total lap times to work out 10 down to 1? Please help I haven't got the track yet but want to snuff out the organissation stuff first, I really want this to run smooth as can be

Any help would be great, oh yeah forgot to mention track will be pulled down alot for different tracks as I like the idea of different tracks each round with moveable scenery.

Thanks any ideas would be great.

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