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Rally Car Spotlights

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Hi all, I have a couple of Porsche 911's to build and am in need of some extra spotights to mount on the front/bonnet.

I will need several so cannot purloin them from elsewhere so.....

Anybody got any good ideas for some scratchbuild ones??

Thanks in advance guys.

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hi, if it it is any use to someone i bought some 21000[candle power?] 3mm white leds and the resistors for 15volt , to suit my power supply, u solder the resister to one leg of the led then just solder motor power supply + _ to the legs. they work a treat from 10-15 volts and they literally cost pennies for a handfull. mine came from usa and postage was even cheap. i think the resistors were 450? around that mark. john
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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