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Rally Car Spotlights

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Hi all, I have a couple of Porsche 911's to build and am in need of some extra spotights to mount on the front/bonnet.

I will need several so cannot purloin them from elsewhere so.....

Anybody got any good ideas for some scratchbuild ones??

Thanks in advance guys.

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For a night race i needed lights on a Porsche 911 Fly racing and since i am not a young man i need ample light.
So i started from a Ninco 911 that has fake lights

Removed the array and pressed it in a block of plasticyne previously heated at 40 deg

Then froze the block in deep freeze for 1/2 hour,then clean the mould surface

The mould cavity ready to accept resin,pour resin while plasticyne is still cold to avoid distortion

Light array ready

Car ready

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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