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This is a problem that has been bugging me for ages, there seems to be two types of decal paper that can be run through a Laser Printer.

Firstly there is an US product available called just 'Decal Paper' this is pretty good, however it uses a white backing sheet which it them prints on top of - is OK for applying decals to darker coloured cars, but can be bloody fiddley to cut out and is a bit transparent.

The second product is called 'Lazertran' and is available through and they are based in the UK. This product has its plus points, mainly that is fairly hard wearing and is great for lighter coloured cars (white and yellow), it uses a clear backing sheet - but cos it is printed through and laser printer and has a clear back it can't produce white.

Another alternative is to get hold of the almost legendary ALPS Printer, but if you can find one - good luck. The ALPS printers prints white and gets round the problem laser printers had printing white.

Finally, there is a chap on the SCI forum called Iceman and can produce excellent quality waterslide decals for a variety of designs - I brought a BAR F1 sheet and it was very very good and only $10 - a bargain! Email me and I'll dig out his address.

Check out an example of Iceman's decals (and my own handy work):

Also if you need any logos, just drop me an email - in my line of work I have alot of well known logos, in print quality.

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