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Rally in a shed

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Had my ninco track all layed out on the livingroom floor but this made it hard to get across with out stepping on the track. So it had to come up and move to the shed (no spare room to use

So the shed is not that big and I'm restricted to a baseboard of about 5'6" by 3" (about 1650 x 900mm) not a lot of space to work with
. The original idea was to have 2 base boards on top of each other and then to run a level around the wall.

Anyway this is the framework for the main baseboard.

made using 2"x2" and 2"x1"

The legs and front and back rail are 2"x2"

the cross members are 2"x1"

The base board was the covered with some old MDF shelving I had the idea being to cover it with some 1/2" thick sundelar board (pinboard). The thought being that I can fix scenery items with short pins pressed into the board with no drilling needed. If I need to move something I just pull it up and reposition it. The resulting pin hole can be covered with a dab of paint etc.

It now became apparent that my idea of a lower level would not work as you would have to stand a long way back to see anything at all
. So it looks like it will be baseboard then level 1 along back and right side and then level 2 along right side, back and left side with a loop at this point. the track is used with 2 roundabout loops (my original Ninco set being World Rally) so it will be single lane and I will get double the track length so the small space is not so bad

This means I have to rethink the layout on the baseboard but I did cut 6mm MDF for the level 1 righthand side peice.

The hairpin at the end of this peice, from here the track will climb to level 2

I've kept this piece level at the moment but

I think the climb up the back may be to steep and this part my have to have an inclimb.

This is how I am supporting the raised levels.

Using shelf brackets nothing need to come up from the baseboard.
The level 2 boards will need a small frame made from 1"x1" and I have the option of placing cross peices above the shelf brackets or clamping the shelf brackets between the MDF and frame, this method will I think let me be more flexable the the MDF for sloops between levels.

Now its time to get Ultimate Racer out and design the track for the baseboard.

Any and all views and surgestions would be welcomed.
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This looks interesting, please keep the pics coming.
how much height is there between levels? #5 looks to be the best IMO as well.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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