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Rally Racing Through WATER!!!!

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Well some of you may have guessed by now that I am very intrigued by the Spanish rally events where they race on regular track (tramac), snow/ice (flour/plexiglass), dirt (cocoa, coffee), grass (railway model grass mat's). So of course they have also figured out a way to race through WATER (distilled or ionized water), see below.


All photo's from SlotCenter and a Google translated version of their post is here
SlotCenter Water Rally Report

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That is seriously wrong - looks brilliant but just wrong. I really really like it!

Didn't have much lick with the link.. but I'm sure you can tell me. Why doesn't everything electrical just fry?
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very wrong. where's that bucket......................

Hey, that's just, well.....Farrout! I like the wave crest in front of the car in the photos.

If you like that you might like this real snow slotting I did last month:

Driving in a blizzard

10" of snow Tuesday, another 6" tonight, I"m getting tired of shoveling out my track!

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A few comments:

JT that is TRULY INSPIRED dude!!!

Eno Dog Not sure why the link is not working for you but basically the distilled water has no impurities for the current to travel along, as I understand it, I am sure there are better people at explaining it than me and the Spanglish translation is no help at all!

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absolutely amazing, but how does it all stay safe? I also noticed that those cars arn't old, one of them is the new SCX Focus! How, Why?

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If the water is demineralised then it won't conduct electricity and therefore won't short the track or motors.

Remember that if you leave demineralised water out for long, it picks up CO2 from the air and then eventually will conduct electricity.
It looks seriously fun, but I still can't understand how they do it.
Doesn't the distilled/ionized water conduct electricity even after the cars have run through it and made it dirty? Or do they have a seriously clean track and cars?

Love seeing that real winter rally too!

Too Cool!
It takes the scenario of grown men playing with toy cars to new heights!
Looks great fun. How about racing through fire with remote controlled explosive devices detonating whne the cars deslot? Best take Gran to the pub first, though...and get the 'phone nearby for the ne-nah guys.
LOL @ Difflock - maybe that should be

It takes the scenario of grown men playing with toy cars to 'new depths' !
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I cant wait to see Difflock try and get a bus through one of those.

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that is truly awesome but surely it ain't good for the cars, i would'nt put my £30 cars into water
i can se how it would work, the electrics in a lot of cars probably would not be affected as they are 2 wires to a motor, and i cant see it affecting motors as some people run there motors in in water, but i would make sure all of the interior and parts like that were sealed, but what i cant work out is how it works underwater as the water does not conduct?
there isnt really enough power running through a regular slot car track for the water to short it out. pluss if the water is distilled then that is even more unlikely to short it.

for example, lick your finger, or dip it in water, then stick it on your track. not much of an electric shock at full power is there?
Just a thought ...
If the interior was sealed, as minimental suggests, wouldn't the extra buoyancy cause the car to float and lose traction? Maybe drainage holes would be a better alternative.
Stay out of the yellow puddles!
Running slot cars in water has been done for a few years. Molesey Club in West London - used to run an annual slot race/rally - using a water splash - back in the 70's. They used to lay sand apper on the track for the straight after the water splash - never had any conductivity problems. Cars were specifically built for the race.... I had a link to the old website that had all the details on - have a look

Should find them on here


Edit :-After trying to bring them up my self - seems the site hasnt been maintained for a few years- and the specific page wont load - sorry
It was the Rally Cross Link on the page you posted and working fine just now (using mozilla).

Maybe this will open for you:
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