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Hi everyone
This will be my first scratch build.
I really like the Ninco pro trucks, unfortunately they are hard to find
and expensive when they are.(at least in the states)
I found a stepside 1/32 model on epay for $9 shipped,so I started with
that.It came with glass and interior.

Did not like the stepside so that was cut off

I have a Pajero chassis that will support the truck body,but the wheel bases were 1.3 centimeters different.
I decided to stretch the chassis.

The best place to split was just in front of the motor mount


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oops hit post instead of preview..

I spliced the chassis back together with .060 polystyrene sheeting
and Gorilla two part epoxy.

And the frame back together,good enough for my standards at this point...
It did stretch the drive belt fairly tight,The wheel base is now 8.6 cen.
Does anyone have other ninco 4x4's that they could measure for me?
Would be nice if there was a chassis with this dimension already..

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Interesting project!

If the elastic band poses a problem, you might look at regular household elastics to replace the Ninco item, thus avoiding that the tension causes such stress that the performance is limited. Sometimes you just have to look beyond slotracing solutions

As far as Rally/Raid chassis go, I'm afraid that you won"t find any chassis to exactly match your specs, although I must admit I'm not familiar with the Ninco rallyraid series. Quite often you just have to go to the extent of working with what you've got and just start cutting

I'll follow this one with interest!

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Avant Slot sell the chassis from their Dakar Racing Lancer as a seperate part, but you'd need Avant shocks and bearings as well so it might get expensive. Not sure of the wheelbase but I can measure my Lancer tonight if you want me to.

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@frp1700-Thanks,Yeah the band is definitely tight,you got me thinking about different types of O rings.
I picked up the Pajero at a really good price so wasn't worried about cutting it up..

@Julian-If you could measure for me that would be great,I've noticed that no one uses cm [and my original
measurement was wrong anyhow] in mm it is 92mm

@Lynne-Thank You,thought I would try something different.

Gotten a bit more done-
Fitting the body
Not real happy with the gap between the body and chassis but I think a vertical piece
can be added then painted black and it will be acceptable.

Top view


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I'll measure some of my Ninco raids when I get home. One thing you might do is cut a bit off the axles to get the tires under the body? There is some play to be taken out between the two bushings.

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@Julian-That is totally doable,just open up the wheel wells 1mm each direction.
I would like to mold this body if I can get it right.Not having to mutilate a chassis
would be nice....

@PeteN-I'm curious what the Hummer is if you have one,thanks.

@Lynne-Yes,but I like to make things as difficult as possible....
So I'm doing this......
Bed sides are being shaped on a piece of 3" pipe,fresh out of the 200° oven...

Here are some bed parts...

And one of the bed bottom...


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Bottom photo says finished. Chuck an aluminium tool chest at the front and chain a dog to the rail. Why make life hard? Looks the biz as it is.

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@Lynne-I can't help it...

Used the wheels that came with the model for the post anchors.
Had to grind out an area for the motor to clear a bit better.

Today I've gotten all the bed pieces glued together,pretty happy with it so far...

I will start the inside wheel wells tonight.

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QUOTE (PeteN @ 13 Jun 2013, 08:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>OK, Zook, here are some raid truck wheelbases.

Pajero - 78mm
Bowler - 79
Pajero EVO - 84
BMW X5 - 87
VW Tourareg - 87
Ford Ranger - 93
Schlesser - 94
Hummer H2 - 97

Avant Slot
Dakar Lancer - 90
Dakar MAN - 106

Hummer H1 - 102

Hummer H3 - 93

I have this from way back for belt length

(2 x wheelbase + π x 10.5mm - 8.5mm)/π

10.5 mm = o-ring pulley inner diameter

8.5mm = optimal pressure length. ( the amount the author found gave the best results at least on Scalextric belt drive cars.


Combine with above and......

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@Tamar-Thanx Man!

@PeteN-Thank You,looks like the Schlesser chassis would work out fine
enlarging the arches 1mm each wouldn't be noticeable.

@Stoner-I will check into that seller.Thanx

@Abarth Mike-Thank You,If my math is correct the belt length should be:210.7mm

Here's the wheel wells.
As you can see a little spot putty is in order.

Here is a front view of the "pre-runner" type front bumper.[in the rockcrawling world it's called a stinger.]

The rear cage with tire holder is complete. [not attached to body yet]

Side view.
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