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Dear friends,
Matt asked me about the rallye groups in Spain. Here's the part one of my answer:

In Spain we have very strict rules for Rallye.
I'm going to try with the N Group:

Gr. N

Strictly serial cars. There is a list of admitted brands (most of the available are admitted)

Modifications allowed:

Rims & axles:
Only commercial material included in any brand, eg. You can use axles, rims(only the plastic ones) & crowns( 27z) because GOM sell their Alfetta equipped with this material. You can use the oz-rims and calibrated axles from NINCO because NINCO includes thie material in their PRO-RACE subaru imprezza
Axle width can not be bigger than standard
Rim + tyre can be 1 mm wider than the bodyshell on each side of the car Braids: free
Ball Bearings allowed, because NINCO's Subaru Prorace is equipped with…

Strictly commercial. You can fix the motor to the chassis with fiberglass tape
Any commercial tyres worked as you like but they must be recognisible and black…
No additives for tyres are allowed (neither for the motor)
No modification of chassis allowed.
No Magnets

You can paint the car but it must have all its elements: mirrors, antenna, spoilers, wings, pilot, copilot, pilot stand and lights (you only can disconnect them, do not remove the light sistem - not allowed-)

Do you catch the feeling of the group N?

Example of the ideal Group N
Subaru Imprezza PRO RACE from NINCO (The winner!!)
SCX Ford Focus + Slot it Kit (axle, plastic rims & crown( 27z)
SCX Seat Cordoba + ""
SCX Citroen Xsara + ""

(Excuse me for my English)

In one future post I will explain (try to) the other categories

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Hi there,

That SLOTCENTER chassis is the hi-tec chassis you can use in WRC category, they build real missiles but very difficult to tune up! Not in Speed, they work the accelerate/brake ability (Nothing to do with a N.Group).
On the other hand I've seen N cars beating (widely) WRC cars, in fact, I've done it several times...

See you...

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You should have tested the new NC6 motor!!
With that motor, resistance of rubber bands Don't care at all!, believe me, rallyes in Spain (N Group) are full of that "Proracers". And I believe that's a clear signal...

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