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Random Power Loss post lane chnage

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Hi All,

I currently have a 40ft ish track with three lane changes powered by 6car PB with PBProSH and SSDC. A lot of the time it works well, but sometimes have an issue where a lane is dead post in the track piece straight after the lane change. Off and on sometimes work, sometimes doesn't and sometimes just moves it to a different lane change?

I reckon I should have plenty of power. Any suggestions on what's happening. I first thought it was a dodgy lane change but it's too random across each of them?

Thanks in advance

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Got any power taps? How big is your layout? How long has it been together? Is it used regularly? Is it stored in a temperature controlled room?
Loose track joins can cause some really strange things and dead sections are definitely one of them. They can also seem to "move" at random as the track itself moves due to use and temperature.
Have you treated the rails with INOX MX3 yet? If not, get some and put a drop on each car braid and run them around a bit. That might do the trick.
The other quick fix is to twist a coin or flat head screwdriver in the slot at every join that might be loose (track power off, of course).
Longer term is to take up all the track, crimp all the joins individually and carefully reassemble.
Longest term is multiple power taps and either wire jumpers between each track underneath between power taps, or copper tape on top all around.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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