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I am collecting Honda 1/32 Slotcars for years now and just got back into it.

When doing some searches i cam acros these: cars below,
is there a reffernce base annywhere? Slotcarportal is Scalextric only now or so it seems.

Can anybody help me with these before i part with a good amount of cash for self made's....
is there a way to check if Cartrix actualy produced these?

1/ early Cartix special edition. Produced for a Spanish racemeet in 2005. 35 only made and this is #1!. ?



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Cartrix did produce the Honda.
& over the years they`ve made quite a few limited edition cars for various shows.
Boxes & numbering looks genuine to me.
Wouldn`t have the foggiest on value. Could you not try a Spanish forum?

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Thanks for the fast replies guys

Hey Jason,

I have two versions of that blue one but the one depicted here is on a different stand.

Hi Kev,

I also found them looking orirginal both are 100 Pounds+ which i don't really mind parting with if they are the reall deal,
My spanish is non existant and also don't know any Spanish forums

Any names of proper Spanish forums would be greatly apreciated.


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The black and gold one I've never seen before, looks homebrew.

The blue Raybrig looks genuine, similar to the regular CT0408 Raybrig Honda NSX (below right) but with slight
differences, i.e. a smaller silver stripe in the windshield window and no text, also different text on rear spoiler.
Otherwise they appear the same.


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Thanks Jacques will ask there too.
(Moving to France btw Boëge close to Geneva)


Thank you for your input i mailed Cartrix to see if they have some list of what they produced and if they can confirm its produced by them,
there are from now 2 days left before i need to make a decision on the Black and Gold one

There are the Honda NSX Models i have:

Ninco NSX:

50372 Ninco ClubCar x2
50373 Raybrig
50355 AutoBacs x3
50356 Epson
50387 Direzza
50364 Takata x2
50402 Tunning
50423 Mugen

Cartrix NSX:

0402 Takata test Car
0404 Mobil 1 Inline *used wrong wheels no box
0405 Mobil 1 Sidewinder
0408 Raybrig Inline * on Mobil 1 NSX-JGTC'01 base
0409 Raybrig SideWinder *Different wheels same as Mobil 1
Foroslot Aniversario Special edition No 190 of 300

Scalextric NSX:

C2719 Takata Dome NSX
C2720 Raybrig NSX 2004

Quatrox NSX:

Takara Dome NSX 2004
Raybrig NSX 2004


8 Arta NSX
18 Takata NSX
100 Raybrig NSX

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Hey sorry I missed your reply.

I got both of them and am sure there original factory releases and not respray's.

Would love to own a NSX too one day and am keeping my eye out on the 2015 model which seems very promising.
Did not see any price quotes for it though

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Yo Jaak!

Apart from the Ninco Raybrig and Takata I also got the Cartrix 0404 Mobil 1 Inline *used wrong wheels no box (I think I can find all parts, even of I moved it to an HRS when the TX5 blow up).
Interested in those three?
I could put an MCR Chase Car circuit in one of the Ninco's for you if you'd like.
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