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Rarity List

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows of a Slot Car Rarity List.

A list containing aspects such as rarity ratings, 1-10 (10 being extremely rare)

Might even contain collectors comments, country of origin, current value etc..

I`m guessing such a list would be massive .... but not impossible.

p.s In some respects, I guess this collectors corner is one big list.. just not quite sorted.

If not... perhaps I shall start such a list.. After all, I do have a life time in front of me to gather the info required
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thanx Bigbird.. Looks like I have one rarity topping my list so far
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oh... I guess this means, I may need to incorporate a clause within the list for `exceptional circumstances`

I believe a database of all cars would be near impossible to keep track of.. but having said that

I also believe that since a cars availability fluctuates to some extent ( a bit like the stock exchange) this would make it feasible to generate a dynamic web site where

users can add information. but not directly as some users information may not be credible.

This can cause all sorts of controversial implications. So taking this into account a data list that is then approved on a monthly or quarterly basis by a higher regulated body.

dgersh: thaks for the info .. I`ll try tracking down the Roger Gillham book. NSSC might be the go.

Ahhh... yes desirability vs rarity. (whole new thread right there )
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TSRF : I notice a Ford Demolition Demon sold back in 2009 on e-bay.. so they may still surface from time to time.

I thoroughly agree with you in regards to not including prototypes as rarities.

Look forward to the publishing of your book..... what`s the name and where can I find it once its released ? Will be a great asset to have as I build on my wee car collection.
A friend has the latest Scalextric Edition. I found it a fascinating read. Any other collector related books I really should take a look into ?
Gee.. i have sooo much to learn.. where do i start ?

I was scanning the pix of the T59 today and was gob smacked by the advanced engineering incorporated into that car.. Rack & Pinion steering !!
Is Scalextric just skimping in terms of development these days. If you look at a cars front end its practically empty. Soon we'll be getting better quality reaching into a box of Corn Flakes.
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I hear ya .. I`ve been skimming over the LA site .. I spent an evening flipping between LASCM & Bernard`s. Oh & the Scaley Restoration site.

I notice there was a lot of chat bubbling away over the Buggati & the COX CHAPARRAL 2E MAG FRAME.

Just wondering if anyone happened to notice there is one up for grabs right now on FleaBay ?? I`ve put an offer in.. I had a response... now just thinkin it over.. sure would be sweet... my very own CHAPARRAL 2E
Hi All,
I`m still green when it comes to the world of slot car collecting... so I hold no authority whatsoever when it comes to debating car prestige but in some respects I guess that grants me a free ticket to make loads of loose statements
such as...

How does a seasoned collector react to a car gaining prestige from sponsors at a race event simply by slapping a few stickers on a case & claiming the car as Limited Edition.

Such actions I presume must get the blood pumping... no?

Makes one ponder... TOP 5 on a Collectors VOODOO List when it comes to cars being pumped illegitimately to rarity status.

The 2011 TOP 5 are... drum Roll .....
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Hi All,

I must admit it's easy to get caught up in a simple Fleabay search for cars that contain the characters " RARE "
The results are somewhat amusing.... Rare cars from 2009-2010 ?? going for £300-500 !

Would I be better attending one of the many Toy auctions I see advertised in the back of collector magazines or are the majority of these also over-inflated ?
Hi All,
Well, I must admit after reading many of the great posts, I'm back peddling real fast from my initial intentions of creating a rarity list..
Simply put.. Iwouldn't want to touch it with a 50ft pole.
I think it best I simply leave such a list to the experts. I may dabble with such notions in my spare time though.. so look out !

I still entertain the idea of someday acquiring my own BUG T59. I noticed earlier there was chat about the Bugs coming in a few flavors.. ie. race tuned Vs non-race tuned .. I believe the race tuned version is the C95 as apposed to the non race tuned -C70.

Another car I have been checking less pricey is the Bentley C64. hhmm ... ponderous
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Hi All,
Here`s my first ever vintage car. I practically ran down to the post office to pick it up...

It will take pride and place for some time... he-he, time to sharpen the pencil & cross it off my little list.

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Yup ... She sure does look in great nick.. but I reckon she might be a bit of a pig on the track though .... so me thinks I`ll simply keep her in the barn and polished her up every other full moon.
Hi all.
Just want to pass a quick comment regarding Europe being very " insular " as per Phillipe's post.
I have a few slot car mates here in London with individual collections exceeding well over 600 cars each. I mentioned U.S brands such as COX, Classic etc.. to them on a few occassions & was puzzled with the reply.. a reply from seasoned collectors mind you.... they had no idea what COX is !
this I percieve may well be a fairly common trait here on Scaley Island.
One factor I feel is of worthy discussion is that of compliance in regards to rarity.. in this, I guess I want to mention, is there a strong mutual comprehension of a car bordering on rarity.. eg. several prototypes that surface and drop out again.. but are still known to be in circulation. Being in the U.S, I'm sure you are aware of the sporting collectible company Beckett. Beckett is the ultimate destination for professional grading, pricing and news coverage devoted to all things collectible (basketball cards mainly).
I'm sure this has been blasted and discussed before but is there an appraisal system for slot cars & kits.... a way of having ones cars professionally graded...
How Rare is Rare .. well lets take a little peek & see what we can see.
Of course there will be critics who jump up and down spouting .. This is preposterous..who dare even consider such . .Why that's blasphemy.. any more & we'll have you drawn & quartered... this I presume will open pandora's slot box but a car naturally looses a certain amount of rarity as its condition deteriorates.. or am i mislead. it may merely looses value..but still holds its rarity. You might be standing there with only a guide flag after Fido (the neighbors dog) has just chewed your ChapE2 up into little wee pieces. (nevertheless... still a very rare guide flag)
On a more personal note, I really enjoy the way this thread is holding a dynamic sway to 'RARITY' & other factors that I am sure will be bought to light as the discussion delves deeper.

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on a lighter note ... Approx. 2 months ago I had five boxes of rare cars sent over from Japan... Only three have arrived the wait has become unbearable..... I think I can kiss them good bye

How long can a package sit in customs ?
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Wow now I can scratch this baby of my Rarity KIT list.

Looks to be in MIB condition too.

box is fine, even comes with all papers and parts still attached to spruce in their bags + decals. Perfect

Just wondering about such fine looking kits.. looks nearly brand spanking new. I'm fairly certain this is not a copied box but I did notice on the Electric Dreams site they sell re-printed boxes. One could easily feel a little uneasy buying a kit from a company that sells fake boxes.. yes ? as they could easily load parts into such a box & sell it off as original. Perhaps that doesn't effect overall value in the slot collecting domain.. I have no idea.... but one thing I do realize is I've gone slightly off topic regarding lists etc... sorry bout that, I like to simply ramble along sometimes.

Hhmm... After careful examination I have found a slight tear down one side of the blank packing box.. its nothing as the lower container box (not sure of the correct term) is simply a brown carton. you can see it to the right in one of the pix.

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The kit I purchased is mint so I am happy to know I have a great looking kit that will only appreciate over time.. as long as I look after it that is.

This is my next issue... KIT PRESERVATION.

I'll do a search as I'm guessing kit preservation will have been flogged to death already.
hhmm lots of preservation tips already.. mostly pertaining to tyres though. My immediate environment here is probably a slot cars worst nightmare.. I live aboard a narrow boat on a Canal in London.
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