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Rarity List

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows of a Slot Car Rarity List.

A list containing aspects such as rarity ratings, 1-10 (10 being extremely rare)

Might even contain collectors comments, country of origin, current value etc..

I`m guessing such a list would be massive .... but not impossible.

p.s In some respects, I guess this collectors corner is one big list.. just not quite sorted.

If not... perhaps I shall start such a list.. After all, I do have a life time in front of me to gather the info required
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rarest slot car from my limited understanding of the collectors view point is the bugatti type 59 race tuned version.
just to clarify,the one i was thinking about(bugatti t59) is the race tuned version with the power sledge motor.

The other version i would agree with tsrf is scarce and not rare,as typing in the bug prefix into s*** bay usually comes up with one of the many replicas that have been produced over the years.
1 - 2 of 93 Posts
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