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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows of a Slot Car Rarity List.

A list containing aspects such as rarity ratings, 1-10 (10 being extremely rare)

Might even contain collectors comments, country of origin, current value etc..

I`m guessing such a list would be massive .... but not impossible.

p.s In some respects, I guess this collectors corner is one big list.. just not quite sorted.

If not... perhaps I shall start such a list.. After all, I do have a life time in front of me to gather the info required
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Hi All,

I must admit it's easy to get caught up in a simple Fleabay search for cars that contain the characters " RARE "
The results are somewhat amusing.... Rare cars from 2009-2010 ?? going for £300-500 !

Would I be better attending one of the many Toy auctions I see advertised in the back of collector magazines or are the majority of these also over-inflated ?
The word "rare" on ebay has absolutely no meaning whatsoever.

I'm not familiar with the toy seller auctions, but the few professional auctioners I've seen on ebay are generally overpriced (and take an extra cut in addition to what ebay takes!).

Really, the best way to figure out values is to keep a close watch on ebay for a couple months, looking at the items that interest you, and see where they really wind up. Look at everything else you can find as well, including swap meets, dealer sites, auction results, etc. That's really the only way to get a decent idea of actual market prices.

Like anything else, there are no shortcuts... (but I must admit that the early NSCC list gave me some general guidelines when I started collecting, and it was helpful).

QUOTE (mickman @ 7 Aug 2011, 09:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi All,

I must admit it's easy to get caught up in a simple Fleabay search for cars that contain the characters " RARE "
The results are somewhat amusing.... Rare cars from 2009-2010 ?? going for £300-500 !

Try the same search for completed listing and you'll see that very little actually sells - best one is a guy selling an Adam & Sons chassis that didn't make it's reserver at £400 so he's added a few odds and ends and re listed it at £1000 !

Yes, Mike, I too wondered at the strange logic.

Here is a link to another Adams chassis, but at a much more reasonable price: Cheap as chips!

hi,i thought i might add my two cents worth in as well.first slot & railcars include all that were made between 1912 & today.some are more toy like than others,but they are all toys(some were made for the very young & some for teenagers,& others for adults)some were made in the thousands & others much less.whats important in deciding rarity is how scarce a car is today.the desirability only effects cost you may pay for the car.another factor in the desirability of a car is the knowlege of its history.if a rare car was put up for sale & people knew nothing of it fewer & lower bids would follow.ive seen many cars go up in value over the years because the information that has become avaliable on these cars through books(by greenslade,philippe,etc)or internet forums like this one.everyone has different tastes & this is the same in our hobby.i like all the cars made to 1 degree or another.some like only the well made ones,some the toy like,some 1/24,or 1/32 or ho.ive seen toy like cars not well made go for same amounts as the well made cars.the lesson here is that in our hobby we need to have an open mind & be more inclusive not exclusive.all the different cars have some value to some i agree with philippe that the prototypes & handmade 1 off cars should be listed as unique not rare.his list is very good but there are many other cars that were not made just for public racing that could be added ,some made for racing at home & of a more toy like appearance.thanks,bernard.
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Ey Up,

Nice one Joel !!.

Nearly destroyed my mouse violently clicking on "buy it now", before I realised that it was sold !!.

Again, nice one, can you bring it next time we are at a slotmeet, I would love to see it.

vbr Chris Adams.
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That's only because the well-known seller had not a clue of what he was selling...
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Bernard, you are right, rarity and desirability are 2 different things. For my part, I find used stuff more desirable than mint boxed. (what do you do with a mint boxed slot car?). And I particularly like the late 50s/early 60s scratchbuilt cars.

Chris, no problem.

Philippe, funnily enough, he changed the title of the listing long after selling it (in other words he won't let the next one go for free).
At the time it was described as just a bunch of used but good chassis, he also posted on SCI asking for information about a couple of other lots he had up for sale, these were grossly overpriced as everything else on that site. My lucky day I guess.

A lucky day beats a bad one anytime! That guy knows not much really, accumulated a huge amount of Atlas stuff and then attempted to sell the collection at simply ludicrous price.
And yes, I keep repeating that rarity and desirability are two different things, and that both combined make for hefty prices...
The fun of collecting is of course to find rare and desirable items for dirt-cheap, like this set I just got: CLICK HERE. Not slot, but just as dear to my heart. The only other such set I have ever seen in my life sold 3 years ago on e-Pay for 5000 bucks. I paid less than 1/10th of that...
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Interesting thread this.....

While I'm on here can anyone out there tell me anything about this 1:32 clear plastic Mustang I've got, which is still in it's bag, I've had it for years?

All it says on the label is:- Airfix MRRC Clubman Special, and Mustang Fastback body kit, cat. No. 955.

It's just the upper body shell, I'd like to attempt to build this, can someone give me a link or something for instructions and other parts required for this model?

Thanks in advance


ps: I've never built an airfix mrrc, but would defineatly love to give it a bash.
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Everybody keeps forgetting about 'club' cars or 'one offs' for special events. Scalextric did one recently which was around £50 RRP and day later was selling on ebay for £150+
The first serious attempt to create a rarity index (IR) applied to the slot car that I know, was given by Roger Gillham in his book of Scalextric (I could not tell you which editions). Roger Gillham just want to give an indication of rarity, it does so from a qualitative and arbitrary character, so a greater or lesser extent such rarity index is influenced by his desire.


At the opposite pole is the rarity index applied to the slot car Rüdiger used by Marx in his book on Stabo car. He recounts the population in whole numbers from which to create statistics. An index of rarity very cold, but very accurate to reality because it is absolutely quantitative.


In this post people are giving very good advice and here's mine advice :
I do not advise making a qualitative index of rarity completely or fully quantitative, but I advise taking the middle path.

Mick, I advise you to do an index of rarity only of what you like, not the whole entire global slot and that this applied statistics to personally use what you like.

On your settings to collect and I do not want to influence tastes, so I'm not going to write my personal rating index, but I mean as Phillippe, when others have other tastes, that´s fantastic !

However I would like to explain my methodology:

I managed to combine the linear scale of the statistical Roger dee Rüdiger through a simple mathematical model based on logarithms, where:

RI (rarity index)

n = number of units that I personally know (it can not have seen the other person).

log = logarithm

RI = log n

When using such a logarithm (base 10),
10,000 units if I know then RI = 4
when n = 1,000 then RI = 3,
when n = 100 then RI = 2
when n = 10 = 1 then RI
when n = 1 then RI = 0
when n = 0 the logarithm does not exist ... and indeed the car (to our knowledge) does not exist! .

This is just one example, you can change the decimal of a base of 5 or more so it fits what you want to collect.
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That's an aftermarket body, and not one that Airfix/MRRC made a car out of - so you can fit it with whatever chassis fits! Look around ebay UK for some ideas... a period Riko chassis would be an easy fit and very much in the spirit of what the body was sold for. I assume an Airfix or MRRC chassis could also be adapted, but assuming it's a vac-form body, their chassis weren't really designed for that - but any Airfix/MRRC expert is of course invited to join in...

That's exactly what we were talking about: just because a model triples in value overnight doesn't mean it's rare or desirable, just that people get temporarily excited.. it could just as easily drop in value a couple months later, or keep going up, depending on whether interest grows or not. You have to step back a bit and give things time, to see if something has sustainable value.

" Don " and "slotcar " , the vac-form is not my thing but fortunately the catalogs are common and found something about it,

not much so I quote the 4 th edition of the catalog Airfix-MRRC ( I think 1967 year) : " Authentic detail, vacuum formed and inyection molded body shells with crome trim. New models includes BRM F1, Ferrari 250 LM, Porsche Carrera C6 and Aston Martin DB5 " .

and catalog Airfix-MRRC´68 : " ... other body shells available in 1.32 scale ... " ( it was talking about vac-form 1:24 )

and catalog Airfix-MRR´69 talk about vac-form 1:32, but I have this document in high resolution and can not read.

I know that this information is insufficient but I can not do more.
Hi All,
Well, I must admit after reading many of the great posts, I'm back peddling real fast from my initial intentions of creating a rarity list..
Simply put.. Iwouldn't want to touch it with a 50ft pole.
I think it best I simply leave such a list to the experts. I may dabble with such notions in my spare time though.. so look out !

I still entertain the idea of someday acquiring my own BUG T59. I noticed earlier there was chat about the Bugs coming in a few flavors.. ie. race tuned Vs non-race tuned .. I believe the race tuned version is the C95 as apposed to the non race tuned -C70.

Another car I have been checking less pricey is the Bentley C64. hhmm ... ponderous
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QUOTE (mickman @ 9 Aug 2011, 14:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I still entertain the idea of someday acquiring my own BUG T59. I noticed earlier there was chat about the Bugs coming in a few flavors.. ie. race tuned Vs non-race tuned .. I believe the race tuned version is the C95 as apposed to the non race tuned -C70.

Another car I have been checking less pricey is the Bentley C64. hhmm ... ponderous

Both cars have a big problem as far as I'm concerned: being an amateur slotracer I wouldn't be able to race them too long without breaking something. For that reason, too, a Pink Kar Bugatti + race tuned RX from my spares box seems like a good solution. The Auto Union looks like it might be more durable.
Mick an index rarity by an expert is only valid for the expert who does.

It is interesting, for example see what Roger Gillham thinks, or what Phillippe thinks about his own tastes, but I mean that it do not have to follow.

Everyone must make their own personal list.

I encourage you to make your own list according to your tastes from the best possible tools (methodology and information).

In this post there are many good tips on how to make your own list of desired rarities.
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Hi All,
Here`s my first ever vintage car. I practically ran down to the post office to pick it up...

It will take pride and place for some time... he-he, time to sharpen the pencil & cross it off my little list.

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Yup ... She sure does look in great nick.. but I reckon she might be a bit of a pig on the track though .... so me thinks I`ll simply keep her in the barn and polished her up every other full moon.
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