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Rattling Front Axles

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I have two great cars, a Racer 250LM and a MB Sloter Lola T280 (white kit), both of which make an annoying rattling noise! I believe I have identified it as the solid front axles sliding up and down in the "oval" shaped chassis moldings. Certainly it is the case on the Lola.

Its almost like they need a mini spring or a piece of sponge jammed in there. Any ideas on how to dampen this?
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i would do it like rat racer said. your trying to eliminate up and down and any side waysmovement. i have used small sqares of 1/32 plasticard glued to the chassis, to just under axle height and then drilled it for a grubscrew. i usually use all off the movement to run the axle at the top of the hole and then take the guide up till the wheels just touch the track. john
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