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Rattling Front Axles

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I have two great cars, a Racer 250LM and a MB Sloter Lola T280 (white kit), both of which make an annoying rattling noise! I believe I have identified it as the solid front axles sliding up and down in the "oval" shaped chassis moldings. Certainly it is the case on the Lola.

Its almost like they need a mini spring or a piece of sponge jammed in there. Any ideas on how to dampen this?
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Thanks for these suggestions. I will check tonight.
Thanks all for the help.

I actually eliminated the sideways movement along time ago. I used some plastic tube as a spacer.

I solved the Sloter MB Lola rattle last night. The solution is kind of crude but it worked. I had some left over copper tape and I simply wrapped it around the axle until I had gained enough thickness that it didn't wobble. Then I lubed it with some teflon grease and it works.

I will look at it again in terms of adding some plastic card spacer. I can see that working well.

I am not sure what to do about the Racer 250. I looked at it closer and I think it is the cockpit pan banging on the chassis, not the front axle. I will try a little padding to see if that works
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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