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Rattling Front Axles

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I have two great cars, a Racer 250LM and a MB Sloter Lola T280 (white kit), both of which make an annoying rattling noise! I believe I have identified it as the solid front axles sliding up and down in the "oval" shaped chassis moldings. Certainly it is the case on the Lola.

Its almost like they need a mini spring or a piece of sponge jammed in there. Any ideas on how to dampen this?
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Hi do you superglue the front tyres (or use nail polish) this can sometimes cause a rattling noise if the superglue has a lump in it if so just true this out.

We race on timber track an we stabilise the front axle by either gluing some bearings into the inside of the front axle holder or use a small plastic washer to one side of the axle holder or tother similar device (I now even do this when there are grub screws to adjust the front axle). I do this on a setup board to ensure that the chassis is square and both fronts just touch the board, just tapping the front tyres to ensure that they sit solidly and there is no lifting of the opposit rear wheel. If racing on plastic you will need some movement of the front axle.

Also as above remove as much sideways movement of the front axle assembly as possible but still allowing the wheels to spin freely.


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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