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Rattling Front Axles

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I have two great cars, a Racer 250LM and a MB Sloter Lola T280 (white kit), both of which make an annoying rattling noise! I believe I have identified it as the solid front axles sliding up and down in the "oval" shaped chassis moldings. Certainly it is the case on the Lola.

Its almost like they need a mini spring or a piece of sponge jammed in there. Any ideas on how to dampen this?
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Floating front axle bearings work best in some circumstances, rigidly fixed ones work best in others. All depends on the type of car and type of track.
If they are rigid, exactly where they are fixed is often important. Small height changes can make a big differance. For these it is vital to have it so each side is the same height from the track.
Some cars work best with the front wheels well clear of the track, more often than not for those cars, precisely how far clear of the track makes little differance.

I'd say do what works for your cars on your track and don't be surprised if a different set up is best for other cars and other types of track.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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