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Hi all.

We have just released a new RCSO2 friendly version of

1 - firmware for Scalextric ARC PRO 3.10

2 - Bootloader 2.13

The new ARC AIR/PRO firmware is compatible with the APP.

What's new? The ARC PRO firmware and the new BL work together to give the user maximum flexibility. Now each button on the ARC PRO controller can be programmed independently.

However there are two main 'modes' for the ARC PRO, and there are two button to set the controller straight away.
After contacting the ARC PRO controller, click on ARC SETUP (1st image) then

1 - for RCSO2: click on the RCSO2 tab to load default for RCSO2

(Car on track: LC button=equiv. to SCP both arrows pressed, Brake=brake

Car in pit lane: LC button=scroll menu down, brake=select)

2 - for oXigen: click on oXigen tab to load default values for oXigen: top button equates to both SCP arrows pressed, bottom button equates to brake (for the car), track call sent after 2".

Other setups are possible as well, such as LC Button=Arrow Up, Brake button= Arrow down.

This is all available via the Bootloader 2.13, but in the future we want to migrate all these things to the APP as it would be more convenient.

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41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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