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As many of you may already know, team RCS64, the creators of the Race Management System with simulation features for Scalextric Sport Digital has started development for Slot IT's digital system, oXygen.
To prevent misunderstanding, from now on if we talk about RCS64 we mean SSD, and for oXygen we wil refer to as RCSO2 for the RMS software. A new logo will be here soon.

About 2 years ago we started thinking about supporting oXygen. Until today we have very good communication with Slot IT (Maurizio/Cristian) and we have the feeling we are working on something very special, with lots of potential for the future.

So, what is the status ?

Martin has developed already a version we start testing with as we speak.

Here are some screens;
The Main screen;

Controller/Driver set up;

Event planner;

In race;

Marshall/main dashboard/live timing screen;

We are working on implementing the simulation features as we know them from RCS64, like tyre wear, weather and damage.
Besides that, you are able to work with teams and drivers. And another nice feature is the live timing sreen on a separate monitor, like we know from 1:1 events like Le Mans and F1. It is all work in progress, but great fun working on this project.

Stay tuned.
Martin and Marcel
team RCS
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Looks really great! So are you guys going to distribute a beta version to your testers? ;-)

As for the controller/driver window setup, I can see that you are using now "Team Name" instead of "Driver Name".
I would say that this is ok for large events but in "normal" club racing using oXigen I would assume that individual racing will be more common.
Maybe in the main page you want to have an option to enable team racing or individual racing. When the team racing is enabled, a new tab Team should be enabled where one can manage teams (like create/delete/update team names) and associate drivers to a giving team.

Also, and this is important in some competitions, it is often interesting to regulate the stints within a team.
To change driver for a stint, the pit menu could have an option where it is possible to select the driver (among the ones in the team) that is going to run the next stint.
Of course, the team and driver name should be displayed on the dashboard as well during racing.
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Excellent. This combination of RCS software with the oXigen system is going to be one of the most compelling digital systems out there.
To be honest I see RCSO2 as complete different product compared to RCS64 not an upgrade version of it.
It will be installed on my track PC along with RCS64 (that I will use for running SSD races) and Chrono.
Hi Marcel
the testing event...not in January at Eindhoven?
that sounds fantastic Marcel!
Hi Marcel
I saw this on the FB page.
Is this additional hardware or can I use my own phone/tablet?
Hi Marcel
I do not want to sound too negative but do you think that many people will buy this when everyone carries a nice display in their pocket?
The idea is nice but I am quite skeptical that it will fly unless these screens are dirty cheap: I mean really cheap like $20 per unit.
we will see....
Excellent Marcel. Looking forward to testing the new tyre wear.
Excellent news Marcel!

Looking forward to testing it.
Nice, guys. Keep us informed!
It depends for what you want to use the touch screen. At the moment all the pit menu scrolling and select is done through the controller and not through keyboard/mouse input.

Ideally what I would like to see is to use a mobile device (smartphone/tablet) for each team/driver as a personal display and input device.

The main screen should be used only for setting up the race general parameters and during the race only for display the current standings with gaps.
Thanks Flemming for doing a bit of reporting on this event.

I am really curious on the status of the software. I do not expect to have full simulations as in the SSD version but would be nice to at least have weather/tyres and fuel sim.

These two simulations would enable us to make more interesting races using oXigen.
I would say that with that feature list we will have the same fun as for SSD but with more cars.

I think that this is the first RMS that adds full simulations and is able to run more than 6 cars!

Well done guys.
Excellent Marcel. I wondered who was at SRC to test RCS.

Was the monitor(s) big enough to see what was going on with weather and fuel simulations?
Hi Marcel

excellent! How many drivers did you have in one session? Did you get close to 10?
Hi Tamar

glad that you guys enjoyed RCS. I am also betatesting it at the moment.

I am sure that the added strategy of fuel/tyre combined with the driver changing, it can make the DiSCA Euro series more interesting.

PS: I am happy to read again your posts, man.
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Hey Guys

just to say that the new version 87 looks really good!

Keep up the good job.
I would like to pay my compliments to the RCSO2 team for the fantastic BootLoader application embedded in the RMS.

It makes updating the firmware much easier.

Especially with the chip firmware: with the previous version after the update the chip would lose some parameters requiring a re-pairing and change of mode.

With the new LB from Martin, all stay as it is except for the firmware version.

My only gripe is that the software always opens the same folder (user/My Documents/O2_FW): I keep the firmware on a different folder so it means a lot of clicks to get to the right place. However, given that I had to update 8 controllers and 6 cars I moved the files to the O2_FW folder.

I have suggested to have the window explorer to remember the latest location when the action was completed while the application is running.

By the way, I just remember I have 3 more oxigen cartridges to update. And more chips...
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Nice progress there. I am looking forward to test this.
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