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As many of you may already know, team RCS64, the creators of the Race Management System with simulation features for Scalextric Sport Digital has started development for Slot IT's digital system, oXygen.
To prevent misunderstanding, from now on if we talk about RCS64 we mean SSD, and for oXygen we wil refer to as RCSO2 for the RMS software. A new logo will be here soon.

About 2 years ago we started thinking about supporting oXygen. Until today we have very good communication with Slot IT (Maurizio/Cristian) and we have the feeling we are working on something very special, with lots of potential for the future.

So, what is the status ?

Martin has developed already a version we start testing with as we speak.

Here are some screens;
The Main screen;

Controller/Driver set up;

Event planner;

In race;

Marshall/main dashboard/live timing screen;

We are working on implementing the simulation features as we know them from RCS64, like tyre wear, weather and damage.
Besides that, you are able to work with teams and drivers. And another nice feature is the live timing sreen on a separate monitor, like we know from 1:1 events like Le Mans and F1. It is all work in progress, but great fun working on this project.

Stay tuned.
Martin and Marcel
team RCS
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Hello everybody. Today I have been testing the software a bit and it looks very good, I have a lot to test, but it seems to have a good future.
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I am testing RCSO2 V1.0.0.39, Scp3 fireware 3.15, C1 fireware 3.15 chip and 3.12 dongle. With the previous versions of scp3 and chip fine, but with the new ones it hardly detects any lap, the lap time also detects it badly and when I enter the pit lane it does not fill me with gas. Not refilling gasoline also did it with the previous versions. I have not installed Amp.
I have looked at the hall sensor and it is fine, in the SCP3 L comes out when I pass the finish line. If it detects gore and pit lane exit. I think it must be the update. Let's wait for replies. Thank you very much MrFlippant.
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The lap count starts when the car enters the pit lane, not before. I do not know what information I can give you, I am still new to RCSO2, when I get more experience in RCSO2 I will report, sorry for the inconvenience. I also want to downgrade to versions 3.0X Chip C and SCP3 since with PcLaps it doesn't work correctly. Does anyone know how I can get version 3.0X for SCP3. Thank you.
I have tested with SCP2 fireware 3.04 and C chip fireware 3.10 and everything is perfect. Even with these versions pclaps goes perfect. I think that SCP3 may have problems in its updates, since we use it in my club, they are only problems, unlike SCP2 works perfectly.
So long??? 😩😩😩. I know it's a lot of work and from the comments in this thread I think I wanted to revolutionize the digital slot. I hope it is a great advance since with pclap there are gaps and with time he lacks options. All my support from Spain, I'm sure you do very well.
Today I have tried RCSO2 in my club, I still need to investigate it more, but I really like it that way. Everything has been perfect, I really like the impact of gasoline, it is finer than other software.

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Yes, I have to try everything before I start teaching the club. The tire strategy must be a lot of fun. I have tested the software with chip B, B1, C1, Scp2 and 3, everything went fine 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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Today we have been testing RSCO2 4 pilots. Gasoline consumption is very adequate, there are no sudden changes. The cost of gasoline depends on the time wye you hold down the trigger ?. We have tested the tire consumption, it has not convinced us since I have a hard tire, the car brakes very little and it is very difficult to run. With a soft tire the car runs well, but the tires wear out very quickly. We will try to change the values. We have only had a problem connecting their cars, the cars did not brake, the drivers who had this happened had SCP3 (3.15 and 3.12) and C1 chip (3.12 and 3.15) the other two drivers had SCP1 (3.04) and chip C1 (3.10 and 3.06). For the moment, our conclusion is very positive.


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Hi Fer,
Do you know why these cars has no brake?
I've recently installed several C1 chips, one of them had no brake. I used an SCP-3 for the test. I'm going to test it with an SCP-2 before send it back the chip to
Is not safe. It was a loss of connection between the track and the car, as SCP3 marked it with a low line on the display. I think that connection loss was due to updates to the chips or controls. I want to point out that it only happened to the pilots who carried SCP3, one of m version 3.15 and another in version 3.12. We carry the C1 chips in version 3.10
WOW, how big is your club track Fer?
We use RCSO2 every week now and it very solid. We run 14 min endurance race and with the current settings we need to change tyres twice. The brake force will drop down pretty quickly once you are around 50% of the tyre is a pity that we cannot fine tune this value further. Hopefully it will be something possible in the next iteration of RCSO2. However, I have to say that I would change it slightly from the current settings just to give a but more gradual degradation. Maybe for a large club track with long straights this will need more fine tuning.
Anyway, we love RCSO2 and it has taken O2 racing to another level for us.
Thank you very much for the good comment on the track of our club, you are invited 😃. In your comments on RCSO2 I totally agree.
Thank you very much, the truth is that we have a great 22-driver slot club, in which we have an analog and digital oxygen track with 6 lanes, 5 rally tracks and a raid track, if you ever want to come, the RCS team is here. invited.

It seems perfect to me that the gas and tire consumption is in relation to the trigger pulse, very well, I like it.

If we have commissioners, we do not use the automatic follow-up call. We have not yet tested the damage, we are going little by little, on Wednesday this week, we will secure the gasoline, we will understand how it works, then tires and then damages.

Thank you very much for your information, we will take into account that the minimum time per lap does not work and we will take a good look at the winner hahahaha.

All the best.

New test yesterday. Everything went very well, there was only a small connection problem in a SCP3 with a C chip, it did not brake properly, it was solved by turning the SCP3 off and on again. These tests were carried out with gasoline consumption. Everything else correct. Little by little we are controlling RCSO2. To impose sanctions, press the numbers on the keyboard, but to sanction the id from 10 to 20, how is it done? We would also like you to warn when the gas tank is low, how do we put a sound on it? Thank you very much for your attention.
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Perfect, next time we will continue testing more keys for sanctions, although we have already tried a few 😢
hi Fer
Any specific reason why you are using IDs above 8?
Yes, in my club we are 22 pilots of which 12 run digital. The reason is not to be changing id.
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So as not to be changing id at club level races. At the moment we are 12 digital pilots, I do not think we will exceed the sleeves of 6 pilots. In September, we have a resistance of 6 hours that a maximum of 8 teams will run and we will use RCSO2. For the next 12 hour endurance we want 18 teams on an unprecedented track. Our slot track takes 6 stewards, even 4 is worth us.
Favorite numbers as Mrflipannt says. Here in Spain everyone wanted to go 14 like Fernando Alonso.
I want 33 :)
Max is doing a very good championship, this is his year.
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Minardi, I want to buy the racing manager for O2, can you privately send me the steps to follow?
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