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As many of you may already know, team RCS64, the creators of the Race Management System with simulation features for Scalextric Sport Digital has started development for Slot IT's digital system, oXygen.
To prevent misunderstanding, from now on if we talk about RCS64 we mean SSD, and for oXygen we wil refer to as RCSO2 for the RMS software. A new logo will be here soon.

About 2 years ago we started thinking about supporting oXygen. Until today we have very good communication with Slot IT (Maurizio/Cristian) and we have the feeling we are working on something very special, with lots of potential for the future.

So, what is the status ?

Martin has developed already a version we start testing with as we speak.

Here are some screens;
The Main screen;

Controller/Driver set up;

Event planner;

In race;

Marshall/main dashboard/live timing screen;

We are working on implementing the simulation features as we know them from RCS64, like tyre wear, weather and damage.
Besides that, you are able to work with teams and drivers. And another nice feature is the live timing sreen on a separate monitor, like we know from 1:1 events like Le Mans and F1. It is all work in progress, but great fun working on this project.

Stay tuned.
Martin and Marcel
team RCS
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Chance Driver during pitstop already taken care of

A bit too early for beta testing but when we do, we know where to find you
Present!!! if it is posible
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I've been playing with it for about 3 weeks now, testing, trying ect. I think it's fantastic, excellent support from Marcel, passionate and enthusiast. Of course I still miss possibilities that I do have in pc lapcounter, if you put these 2 rms systems together,you can't ask for more!
but this is all in development, knowing that only 2 people are working on this in their spare time, great.
Saturday i have the big test of 12 riders in a race...have every confidence in it.
If I can do any testing for you, you know where to find me.
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We do Henri, thank you for your input so far, some very legit points. Good luck with the race, I am sure RCSO2 will do the job. And talking about passionate, I can say the same about you! Hope to race one day on your fantastic tracks.
Always welcome Marcel
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Hi Henri, RCS-O2 brings the oXigen game to another level. We only use it now and even without the weather simulation pit strategy is super important to win a race.
I am not sure as I have never used it, but do you exactly miss from PC-Lapcounter?
The first things that come to my mind is adjusting the brake, speed is possible, this has pc laptimer, second, rotation system of riders, the red flag and yellow flag cannot be combined, then you first have to switch screens in O2 rsc, (marshall screen) the overlay are disruptive. A countdown sound at red flag, yellow flag. Printable results of the race, in lapcounter there are countless graphs and display options per rider, per team, etc. You can actually analyze and print your entire race. That's my thought, since I'm only testing with Feulload system, the newly formed digital club, will approach the possibilities step by step .. tire damage ect.
However, apart from these wishes, already a very nice RMS system.
I am sure that PCLP is a nice RMS.
But some of the features you mention I think are already in RCS.
For instance, you can set a global value of the speed/power. The other option is also to set power individually for each car.
The brake settings can be modulated with the tyre simulations.
However, I agree on some of the other points you mention. For instance, compared to RCS64, I miss the data history from previous races.
And if you do not run without Tire management? no brake settings.
however i'm not complaining, try to provide the guys with will get better over time. They depend on the speed of the dongle, hopefully this will improve one day.
But I think a print version with statistics or results should now be possible...but it is a hobby for the builders.
[QUOTE = "Henri, publicación: 2485615, miembro: 80073"]
Lo primero que me viene a la mente es ajustar el freno, la velocidad es posible, esto tiene laptimer de pc, segundo, sistema de rotación de ciclistas, la bandera roja y la bandera amarilla no se pueden combinar, luego primero hay que cambiar de pantalla en O2 rsc, (marshall screen) la superposición es perjudicial. Un sonido de cuenta regresiva en bandera roja, bandera amarilla. Resultados imprimibles de la carrera, en el contador de vueltas hay innumerables gráficos y opciones de visualización por corredor, por equipo, etc. De hecho, puedes analizar e imprimir toda tu carrera. Ese es mi pensamiento, ya que solo estoy probando con el sistema Feulload, el club digital recién formado, abordará las posibilidades paso a paso ... daños en los neumáticos, etc.
Sin embargo, aparte de estos deseos, ya es un sistema RMS muy bueno.
si el freno se puede ajustar.
Utilizo los controles ARC pro y configuro el freno de RSCO
??? Picture please where ou can ajust the brake settings?
también cambia en las carreras
Read the manual: "do not change the values in the car setup" End Minardi told me de i am suprised?
But does it change also when racing or only for the testing session?
No,Minardi told me they do not
  • Hi Grunz....why only with the c chip??
  • is there an explanation for that? and is this under D132?

  • min lap does not work - so be aware of ghost laps especially with the C chip
ooh..thats wy!!! i dont have b CHIPS so i did no no the difference,
it is therefore not smart that they have changed this, because you are absolutely right, me and our other members often struggle with the hall sensor, they report pit stops where there is no pit, false laps ect. we then place them a little higher or move them.. it's always a guess
I noticed that one lap was missing.
Reliability is key.
How should I look for ghost laps?
And how should I respond?

Is that a RCSO2 issue or does that happen with Chrono, too?
Hope that it is not a recurring issue.

Regarding screen resolution, any suggestions?
This is where I give carrera a 10 and Oxigen a 6. I never have wrong counts with carrera and with oxigen this can happen anywhere. Pit in pit out, on the lc it will happen too.
the Hall effect in combination with the magnet is not 100% waterproof. As I have now understood, especially with the c-chip. (all my cars have a c chip of course) I was whispered that on an lc there is a coil that can trigger the hall..but this is a feeling..since the "beep" from the counter comes 1.5 seconds later. I sometimes have overactive hall sensors that I replace (5 euro pfff) or try to place them higher ect.. I test my cars for a long time to see if they give reliable counts.. be sure that your hall sensor never comes loose.
in de software van O2 ( so i mean software of
it contains things like packige loss ect monitoring, if you have doubts about a car you can find much more in it
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What usually happens is that you will see ridiculously fast laps popping up if you have a very sensitive hall sensor.
The hall sensor will "see" the magnetic field of the lane changer solenoids.
The issue could be contained to an extent with setting a min lap time such that you can eliminate some of these unrealistic low times.
However, the current version of RCSO2 has a bug that does not enforce the min lap time.

To be fair, once you test your chips/cars and you see they work reliably then oXigen/RCS combo works really well.
We race with this combo every week and we have 100% confidence of the results we get.
thanx for the info Grunz
I was hoping you would come on Saturday... unfortunately missed you in Best (Eindhoven) was very curious after the test results, great work!!
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i dusted off this rcso2, because i wanted something new besides laptimer.
I started experimenting with "damage points" at least part (the DE slot) and found this a very nice addition to punish the reckless drivers.
you should not stand still on an lc because then you have a minus point hahaha, which can be canceled by the race leader.
There are 2 points that I think are important.
1) minimum lap time is not possible
2) settings brake is not possible
I miss that and hopefully it will come in the new version.
What I don't like now is noise lingering in the pit...feul, repairing damage..whatever I do...and it happens in every race...every now and then the sound of refueling or repair starts...and won't turn won't go away until I stop the race.
extremely annoying.
Does anyone have experience with this and how to fix it?
In pc lapcounter you can set your brakes values to , in my case 80 ( from 255 to zero scale) as far as I heard from Marcel, this is not possible in RCSO2.
There is something in the last tab ( test tab) but according to Marcel this has no influence if I remember correctly.
The pit sounds lingering on it has happened to us. Few times but it has happened. Sometime this happened also with RCS64.
I am not able to replicate this and I have no solution to make it stop.
If this is happening all the times, then something is wrong with your installation or setup.
set up as in hardware ?( laptop) a new instal from de softwhere maybe? i hope i dont lose my reg key this way
Ok, but then I ask the question: why the heck would you do that when you have a nice SCP controller with a dedicated knob for it?
It does not make sense to me for oxigen...for other systems like carrera and scalex where the controllers are not supposed to change the brake power I can understand...but not for oxigen.
This a old toppic Grunz, the bracke sucks on the scp ( thats why i asked Maurizio if it was posible to change the c chip
to apply the brake to do that also for oxigen) and he did.
If you like to drive with hard braking and almost no rolling effect , youre fine, but for it is not .
on the scale at the right side ( fixed) 1 is already a lot, and 2 almost a you do nothing with de numbers 3-10.
sweep...tja...most off the guys drives with sweep, because the dont like the fixted sit off the knob.
But he, thaths me and our club
when we put the brakes in pc lapcounter say 80-100 range..every body is okay.
Hi Henri, minimum laptime we are aware off, we have to wait for a next version of RCS for that. Sounds is strange that you have that, it does not happen at my track. If it is really too much, you should be able to disable the sounds.
Yes damage points work really well. We set a delay of 2 secs before it is added.
uuh Marcel, de settings is 2000, but you can change to less,,,but wil this work?
oops, that's definitely something to think about, now that I'm reading this I'm going to make sure that a screenshot is made every 10 minutes during our 6 hour race.
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Are you going to use RCSO2 in the upcoming DTM race?
If so, be aware that the screenshot will have limited use in reestablishing the race stats if something goes wrong: RCSO2 will not allow to add or remove laps once a race is live.
Have someone write a script to take programmatically the screenshot: with 24 people to take care of I think you hands and mind will be full with other things to.
no I'm going to use Laptimer Grunz...if I dare..seen Marcel (Minardi is in the house) This is one of the reasons why I still use laptimer. Being able to add or remove laps is important to us. If the update of RCSO2 is available with the new featers, I will switch again, because I have a warm heart for these guys.
However, considering it's also my first 6 hour race here (I did 3 hours though) I don't want to think about it the screen shot tip was helpfull...and definitely going to think about a script. .who knows GPCHAT can already do this
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